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  1. Today, I discovered exactly the same thing as you have all been describing here. All 100+ of my items (apart from 1 somehow?!) have been unlisted saying that the folders are empty, when they have been fine for years. I can't really imagine it's due to any tags or keywords I'm using and I can't upload anything new to MP anyway. I only discovered this because I made a dress today and tried to list it, which I haven't done in a while. None of my Piper Moda items are the slightest bit 'adult' or copyright-infringing in any way (shoes, swimsuits, dresses, sunglasses). The very thought of relisting
  2. As my December contest was well-received, I am holding another in January, this time with the theme 'water'. Free entry. Further details are here and will be posted in Piper Moda shop windows from Jan 1st onwards. Closing date Feb 1st. Good luck, Karen Piper
  3. Simple fashion photography contest taking place for the whole of December. No entry fee. Just take a photo of yourself anywhere wearing any Piper Moda clothing item. Garment prices range from 1L$ - 99L$, and often free if I meet you in-world. Closing date 1st Jan 2014. Prizes and further Details here. Have fun! x Karen
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