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  1. As a person who enjoys all things mesh I can give a pretty decent point of view about these items. I am one of those types who loves to see the best graphics I can see. The standard sl body does not provide me with with the smoothness I need. Which is one of the reasons why i turned to mesh or prim addons. The problem with most of the items is that they are done over the top. I dont know that I've seen anyone give a general pro's and cons. So ill attempt that. Lola tangos pros: smoother breast when made larger. Cons: Need appliers to match skin color. cheat never seems to match up properly. Clothing often lacks detail and fails to line up properly. The bounce is fake and looks like its pivoiting vs bouncing. Phatazz/banned booty/ ghetto booty pros: Gives you a much larger curvy shape. Smooths the body in the inner thigh. Cons: lacks the ability to wear mesh. With the clothing you have to wear that ugly prim attachment. Offen makes you look oddly bolegged. You have to adjust your shape to a zero body fat to fit it. If you have a fitted mesh booty the physics cause it to seperate when it bounces. Wowmeh body pro: Completely alters the avatars body giving it what id like to call a much more beautiful shape. Your body doesnt break at the chest when you dance. Cons: Only about 40 percent of my clothes that are mesh fit. The alphas are spaced oddly so that it is hard to fit into skirts shorts and short dresses. if you are detailed like me youll notice the seam at the neck. Over all I wanted to do this listen to show its mostly negatives with these addons. I think that If I were to do it all over again I'd get the mesh body and hands and feet and call it day. I love the breast with the mesh body.. and they use appliers so think system clothing. Sorry if none of this made sense.. I just wanted to toss it out there.
  2. Shapes are hit and miss. I usually Find a face I like then adjust the body. As far as skins I would look at Hush,league and pink fuel.
  3. ZD shine lucinda Dress N-core shae heels truth angie hair.
  4. thank you all for the suggestions.. I am actually going to take a look at some of these tonight. Maybe I can post an outfit I put together when I am done. using all of your suggestions..
  5. Great suggestion.. I love the style! Thank you for that. I welcome anymore suggestions
  6. So far my favorite stores are Maitreya, Cold Logic, Duck nipple. I wanted to see if I could enlist ask others for their suggestions as I believe im hitting a wall when it comes to marketplace. A couple of points I could make to help with suggestions would be 1. Mesh. 2 Made for curvy avatars. 3. Stylish but nothing to slutty or over revealing. The Idea is to find classy clothing and yes I know that not all of Duck NIpples clothes are Classy.
  7. The Idea is to find a place that is nurturing and forgiving. Often times people will say whatever they please behind the safety of a computer. They lack compassion and understanding and so Its hard to feel comfortable in a setting where you may make a fool of yourself. This is why I look for a place where one may have a mentor or guide. I will continue you my search in hopes that I find a place that I would call my rp home. We all have to start some where I just start slower than others.
  8. Good advice. It just makes me nervous and going to a place where you dont know anyone scares me. But ive been hoping to places like toxian city and I will keep trying.
  9. I've always been intimidated by typed rp. Grammar and spelling play a large role. I admit I am not the best but I would love I to rp. I would like to know if their are any communites where people mentor another person. I look forward to any positive responses.
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