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  1. Sucha life save thanks! :matte-motes-grin:
  2. I own a store in the marketplace, and was wondering if I could make the listing show from 'Recently to oldest' Because right now it is in listing from oldest to recent'. Thank you :womanhappy:
  3. Hello again. I am having an issue with my card. I go to buy a premium account and I get this error message : There was a problem charging your payment method. I check my account, and it says that 1 dollar has been given to Linden lab. ; I read on the FAQ : Why was I charged $1.00 on my credit card?This is not an actual charge, but an authorization that we request from your credit card company. Once the authorization is received, which confirms the account is valid, we then rescind the authorization. At no time is the US$1.00 actually charged, though the authorization may appear on a cr
  4. I went to buy a premium account with my paypal account. Upon doing this I was told I needed a credit card, debit card, or a prepaid card. I do not own any of these three. And only like to use paypal. Is there anyway I can get past this and JUST use my pay pal account. Can I call up a number and talk to someone about just using my paypal account. I've used many sites before that asked me for credit information but when I talked to a helper of the site they helped me through it to where I didn;t have to apy for such. Thank you for the help.
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