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  1. Borrowed this pic from my friend with his full permission. This is Ulf, we met online but pre SL, around 2002 we think. We met on a forum and just clicked, kept in touch when the forum got closed by the company which ran it. I joined SL back in 2008 but rarely logged on due to various IT issues. Came back in 2013 and got talking to this nice fella in a club. After a week something he said clicked and the RL person had said something similar on Facebook a day or so before. Penny dropped and I scared the living wotsits out of him by saying he reminded me of a RL friend. After about 5 seconds of
  2. Well I know a ton of machima makers in SL and very few of them have up til now put a watermark on, they sure are now though. Whether they do or not, stealing content is still stealing and still wrong.
  3. These people have downloaded and then re uploaded content, not embedding. I know of one that has at least 2 channels removed for breach of copyright.
  4. Whenever I have had ban rights from land and group I have had to fill in a log of why I banned the person. Even kicking them for an hour I had to log a reason. I could be pulled up for it at any time. Places I hang out at now I know there will usually be logs kept and anyone who queries a ban gets directed to the "head honcho" to discuss it. Screenshots of local chat have often been asked for, as well as group chat. Not sure what counter evidence Axel thinks he can bring to the party. Oh wait I did get banned from a store group for politely saying I preferred the old system of having stor
  5. Luca I will send you a message inworld later as have someone I can put you in touch with about this. She can fill you in on the rest of it.
  6. Jae I hope you managed to get this sorted out. I have seen one of my friends that didn't like the other one, he's been a bit cool and not hugging me or using our little "pet names" we had for eachother. I think Hailee read friends as something more than friends. Your original post didn't say you were a couple but seems she has interpreted it that way.
  7. Linden labs have said themselves that yes sharing private messages is against TOS. Also remote logging of local chat is against TOS. Keeping chat logs of local is not an offence. I haven't shared chat logs at all. Greg has. He also told several people that he was going to grief the sim. For someone to pass that info on is not against TOS if they paraphrase. Even if someone does share IM logs LL very very rarely do anything about it. We do seem to be getting away from the original point, which is that Greg got warned repeatedly for his behaviour, chose to argue and whine and then ma
  8. It wasn't an accusation, it was a musing. If I was accusing I would have said IT WAS HIM I KNOW IT
  9. So Greg sending me IM chat logs of his conversation with others is a breach of TOS ok. Strange how the campus had several griefer attacks in the 48 hours after his banning and subsequent throwing toys out of the pram. Has been quiet for weeks. Let me ponder on that one a while.
  10. Not really as he got many warnings over 2 days from several different mods. It's a G rated sim so of course has tighter rules .
  11. Qie I think there are few staff left who were founding members now. I am friends with one of them though and he rocks and is pretty laid back. One of the biggest lessons new residents have to learn is that areas all have rules and if you don't follow them you have to leave. It's the same as if you were to go in a bar anywhere in the world, stick to the rules or be escorted out.
  12. You brought up the subject of race about 30 seconds before you got ejected Greg. Nobody was aware until that moment that you were not a native English speaker. Your English was pretty darn good and you had been chatting away all day. YOU are trying to turn it into a race issue. NCI staff couldn't care a hoot what colour or creed or race you are, what matter is that you behave within the guidelines which you were sent. You chose to whine about well established and clearly written rules and then harrass staff. That particular LO is firm but fair, I know this as known her a long time and she isn'
  13. There is the Pixel to Pixel foundation which gives a stipend to certain residents
  14. Jae I have had this happen a few times where a couple of my friends decide they don't like eachother. I had words with both of them and said there would be NO whing to me about the other. Also they were to be civil to eachother if we were in the same place or there would be butts being kicked. They were behaving like a couple of kids. One has since left SL (for the 3rd time) over some imagined threat from another friend, the other has disappeared to somewhere else on the grid as has been grumpy every time I have seen him. Life is too short, I carry on and hang out with other friends.
  15. Urgh I was there when all this happened. It had nothing to do with the bumper issue. The person wearing a slap bumper was advised wasn't a good idea if it was one of those sexually orientated ones. Greg got ejected for talking back, for saying "oh can I say ****" here? He had explained that he tells his kids not to say certain words. It was only after he got a verbal warning and told to read the rules (and I believe he was given a notecard with the rules on too) that he started going off about race. Up until that point nobody knew he was non native English. He had been in and out for a couple
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