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  1. Scheduled Maintainance: Normal stuff nothing to see here. Unscheduled maintainance: Someone done goofed. Still nothing to see here. but tumblr still works.
  2. Clarification: My budget is a bit restrictive, and I am aiming for SL-ish level of quality...Or at least with a learning curve I can live with.
  3. FOr a few years I have been curious about 3d programs but never had the guts to try it out. Does anyone have recomendations for a 3d program that Is easy to learn and can easily be used to create comic panels? Thanks.
  4. You are confusing Intrusion with Passing through. When I am flying at double digit M/s above your house, I am not intruding. I dont get to look at your avatar doing god knows what, and I dont really interact with you. Now If I walk into your house and start dropping fart bombs or Ki-strikes, then I am intruding. When I teleport into your home and rate your performance at the fine art of "Friend tickling" or "Itch Scratching" then I am intruding. My riding an STNG Hover Bike and zooming over head at a height of 3-400 meters so that You don't even hear it above you, is not INTRUDING.
  5. Noone is saying that you don't have the right to set up your ban lines. the issue I am talkng about, is tweaking so that people who like to explore can travel and have the ability to move about freely and you still having your privacy. WHile I get that griefers are a problem, I don't think that locking up passing vehicles or having Orbs reacting without warning is waranted. Speaking for myself, If I see a security orb give me the ten second warning, more often than not I have already passed the area. and am on my way to where ever I am going.
  6. I have flown over and still got sent home, I have flown at a distance of 4km and STILL got sent home...And yes I do see ban lines and have avoiced them.the problem is that on a Public access road some people take their security a little too far. And Like I said I personally have no interest violating other people's privacy, but I do like looking at other people's builds in the hopes of learning how to put stuff together for my own home.
  7. On the ground, I do my best to stay on the roads (Not always succeeding since My manual coordination isnt all that great) or I tend to fly using those **Bleeping** hoverbikes (I can control those alot easier and I crash less) or some kind of ship where I practice my maneuvering...Especially if I want to get from point a to b without teleporting. (Which does get old after a while.)
  8. Actually I am currently renting a property, And for the most part I have no interest in violating your privacy. And do you know how High I have to fly in order to avoid banlines? Even at 4k meters I am still stopped by Security orbs and immediately other teleported home. The whole point of being in a gigantic sandbox like this is to create and also interact with other people and check out what they have built. You know, Share ideas, converse, get to know other people, I also enjoy taking long drives/flights/rides to enjoy the work my neighbors did. As for my own privacy I refuse to use banlines when I have doors and tintable windows and I have damage turned on so If someone does intrude, I can shoot them, or worse. I am not saying you shouldnt have privacy, Have your privacy, but it would be nice if I didn't have to be sent home just because my vehicle doesnt move at 100 km/s
  9. I really enjoy second life, and part of that enjoyment is the fact that I can explore all ove rhte place. But one of my serious pet peeves is security systems, Orbs and what not. I am consistently finding myself either locked up in a secudity field, teleported without warning or having to derez my vehicle or seriously prevented from moving forward. While I understand the need to keep people from snooping and harrassing, is it really necessary to lock up a passing vehicle? Especially one that will exit your are in less than a minute? I mean, Seriously, could it be too mutcstemsh trouble to ask for at least some kind of advance warning before I have to derez and walk about another mile before I get to rez another vehicle and be on my merry way? I mean for Lucifer's sake what does a girl have to do to not keep being sent home while trying to get to know the area She is living in? I am not expecting any real response or changes, I just needed to get the fact that I REALLY HATE Security systems..WITH A HATEY HATE! Thanks for letting me share.
  10. Sometimes I will be "Window Shopping"and I will see something really cool but I dont have the lindens available, and by the time I finally get them, I will have forgotten what the name of the product was...or what store it's in...please and thank you for any response in advance.
  11. I havent been able t get my basestar to move...and it's the standard model. what do I need?
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