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  1. There are no scripts in the object itself. You use the rezzer to get the "block" that you want... then you just snap it into place. Was a little bit of a learning curve for me, to get things just the way I wanted them. If you want to be able to customize it more I would suggest getting the advanced blocks add on too.
  2. Actually, this is VERY prevalent. I run into this quite often, and it is bloody annoying. Mainly when there is a lot of traffic on a SIM, or some other network slowdown - and yes, this could potentially be on client side, but it also happens server side frequently.
  3. If you are still serious - see my post here and get in touch with me http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Viewers/SL-on-Windows-phone/qaq-p/2259633 Jess
  4. The argument that app builders wont build apps for WinPhone until there is a larger userbase is a little backwards. Especially since there is also the argument that until there are more apps the userbase will not grow. So - what you are saying is that app developers as a whole have decided to do what they can to make WP fail? Jess
  5. See my recent reply here: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Viewers/SL-on-Windows-phone/qaq-p/2259633
  6. I am going to add to this, but please do not get at all "excited", as I am still investigating the possibility - but I am currently planning on putting together an app for windowsPhone 8. I have been reviewing the code and information posted earier in this thread - I have been looking for the same thing, and as someone else said earlier - can't find it, build it Right now I am planning on keeping the funcitonality somewhat simple, and similar to Radegast - text only. If anyone is interested in helping, at whatever level, feel free to get in touch - and, obviously nothing will really start until after the new year. J
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