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  1. you cant judge all by a profile. to be completely honest. one thng about people is that you have to get to know them before thinking that they are not somthing.
  2. Hai im Jess or Fleur which ever. and im looking for a loving Daddy Dom to teach me the ways of a babygirl. also hopeing it wont just b that but aso have a close connetion as well. want to know more contact theangelgrl1
  3. i tried to see whe i first bought L. but it only showed like 1 week or half a week. because i dont know if i had the payment info in my file a whole month. so does that mna i have had it in a whole month or not?
  4. ive waited 2 days almost 3 and still cant buy L. i know about the day things nd stuff like that. and i undertand them. but now im confused on buying L. because it says i have exeted again We are unable to complete your request.This transaction would exceed your monthly trading limit by US$10.30. Your monthly trading limit is US$100.00Transaction limit exceeded would i have to wait till im able to buy 300. because is not resetting everyday im a premium member does that have something to do with it
  5. do i have to wait a month to buy more Ls We are unable to complete your request. This transaction would exceed your monthly trading limit by n/a Your monthly trading limit is US$30.00 Transaction limit exceeded becuase is sayd monthy so does that mean i cant buy L for a month
  6. i looked every where. and have asked my friends what Monthly Trading limit is and they dont know. and said they never got that before. and i kinda want it ot me explied better to me
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