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  1. Must See, 50% off Original Price. Well Worth Price. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kaemi/52/164/73
  2. Gorgeous piece of grass land, almost all flat apart from a curve to one corner, very close to beach and sim is decent for traffic. I have had a store on this land for the past year almost and its served me well. There are items left on the parcel but in the event anyone buys please IM me in world so i can collect the items, if i do not reply then just return them :) Selling due to downsizing. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kaemi/43/164/73
  3. Hi all Not quite sure if this is the right place. Im looking for someone who can make a custom 512x512 texture for me as im not so good with this kind of thing. i want it to have some images of the SL breedable pets KittyCatS with wording on it saying "Museum Next Door" and maybe some arrows pointing to the right like "--->" obvisously the wording and arrows without the quotes. I have no images no design in mind at the moment so anything random would be great. Im willing to pay for the work so please IM me here on the forums or in word leave me a NC as my IM get capped and give me your best price for this work Much appreciated.
  4. Really nice parcel, sale due to not being able to afford 2 parcels. Objects are on land but sale will ensure they will be returned. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Railrider/115/203/34 Click Me To Teleport
  5. I know Rebekah in game we are really close friends and share the same hobby with cats. This seems like 1 or the other.... The seller has either hacked SL and found a way to exploit taking money from peoples accounts through the sale of 1 item. Yet it tries to take mutiple times. Or SL System glitched and a loop was caused somehow and the moeny was taken over and over and over. She had messages popping up even though the account virtualy had no Lindens left on it trying to take another 3000L$. Either way support is not helping her much and blames the seller as they are not taking any blame for this happening. If thats the case then SL is being attacked and we should be very wary or it might happen to us also.
  6. Thank you, my building is free from misshaps now Appreciated for the help.
  7. Hi all I have a very large building on my land i have unlinked it and already have started messing up by accidentaly taking bits of the building. Luckily i have fixed that part but i dont want this to happen again. What i want to know is if there is any way to lock out objects so i can not edit them myself or take them into my inventory without 1st having an option to confirm thats what i want to do ? Same with deleting an object. Many thanks in advance.
  8. Thank you for this information i was not aware of this But if i have items on the land i do not want people to see, i can not use this feature ?
  9. Hi all Im looking for a security orb that will do the usual stuff but one that also kicks from land if your looking over my land with camera view. Say you are staning on next parcel over and wish to peek into my land you want to use camera and i want the orb to kick a player that uses camera to do that. I think there is such a thing as im sure i have had that happen to me while viewing through a skybox at some point. I have searched the market but unsure on what im looking for. Lower the price for this the better but expect to pay a bit extra than a normal orb. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Hi guys My 1st land sale :matte-motes-big-grin-wink: This is gorgeos green very flat bit of land in a great area on the mainland. 5632 with 1289 Prims Come take a look and see for yourself http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wollah/229/142/72
  11. Hi so sorry to trouble you guys again I have found 512 land not far from mine but i am not 100% sure if this as clased in the region as its a different name to what mine is. Could someone please clarify if this would be in same region or not ? Please see image on following link : http://postimg.org/image/7o4vhkh83/ Also if this was in the same region i just abandon my linden home and buy this and then the prims would increase on my big land because i buy the 512 land ? Many thanks and sorry for the trouble again.
  12. Qie Niangao thank you so much for the help you have just saved me alot of money :matte-motes-wink:
  13. Ok im understanding alot more. Im also just curious of 1 more thing. If i buy land and abandon it within 24 hours does that charge for the land of $15 already get taken from my bank or will it be at the end of the month period ? I ask this because i made a very silly mistake of getting some 2048 land and had it about 24 hours or less but then i found a 4096 that was really nice so i abandon the 2048 land at a lss of lindens but now im worried i will staill have to pay the monthly charge of $15 even though i did not use it a full month ? Thank you for any information you could provide to this.
  14. Hi there I went and bought a 2048 land and got full membership i understand what you guys have said so far. 1 thing im not quite sure of is if i abandon my linden home i gain 117 prims to use extra on on 2048 land right ? And also pay a little less towards this land instead of $15 it goes down to $8 ? Many thanks this is helping me out a great deal so far. Im still learning about SL so its appreciated.
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