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  1. PianoManDuet

    Adopt a Funsies

    Thank you for telling me that LyricalBookworm. I wasn't aware.
  2. PianoManDuet

    Adopt a Funsies

    I have a brand new Funsies that I purchased several years back that I don't intend on using. The model is Jayla (Dark skin and blue eyes). I also have a crib and a diaper bag full of supplies that come with her. If you're interested in growing your family and adopting her please contact me inworld at PianoManDuet.
  3. PianoManDuet

    Tourist groups

    I'm interested!
  4. PianoManDuet

    Somewhere to live.

    I just messaged you inworld
  5. PianoManDuet

    Roommate in Cedar Creek

    My sister, her boyfriend, and I are looking for a roommate to live with us in a nice home we rent in Cedar Creek. We have 3 bedrooms so you'd get your own, you'd obviously be allowed to bring guests over whenever you'd like, and we're very social and friendly so there's no need to stay cooped up in your room. We're looking for another person that way we'd only be paying for one week of rent a piece per month. Your share of the rent would be 1,800L per month. If interested please contact me inworld my name is PianoManDuet (Nona LaCroix).
  6. PianoManDuet

    Looking for family

    Interested, messaging you now.
  7. PianoManDuet

    Looking for family ❤?

    Feel free to message me anytime inworld!
  8. PianoManDuet

    Searching for close friends, and to start a family.

    I'd love to get to know you and see if we click. I'm always looking for new friends, especially ones that don't take SL too seriously all the time.
  9. PianoManDuet

    Seeking friends to explore SL and watch silly old movies with

    I'd love to do this! Please IM me.
  10. PianoManDuet

    Looking for parents

    Hey everyone, I'm currently seeking parents. I don't mind being the child of a single mother or father or having parents that are the same sex. I'm not picky as long as we mesh well and have things in common. I'm 25 both in RL and SL, I do RP but being OOC is also fine by me. I enjoy listening to all types of music, horror movies, exploring (especially nature sims), I'm laid back, and easy to get along with. If you're interested in meeting and seeing how things go please reply or message me. I look forward to meeting you
  11. PianoManDuet

    Dog ready for adoption!

    If you're still looking I'm very interested in adopting you.
  12. Contact me in world if you'd like. We can see if we hit it off
  13. PianoManDuet

    Looking for 2-3 Bridesmaids

    Is the body just a preference or a hard requirement? I'm asking because I have a Slink Physique but I'm interested.
  14. PianoManDuet

    Looking for new friends

    I'm also looking for new friends/family members. Feel free to message if you'd like.
  15. PianoManDuet


    I don't know if you're still looking buit if you are I'd be thrilled to be a family member. I rp a 28 year old female so I'm good for an aunt or a cousin. Please let me know, have a wonderful day.