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  1. Okay I wasn't aware there was a difference between a card and account, I assumed the former linked to the other making the distinction moot. You learn something everyday I guess! Thank you for all your help.
  2. So if I transfer X dollars to my Paypal balance and then try to link my Paypal and SL accounts it will work? That's the problem I am having at the moment. Also my card is a Visa Bank card issued by my bank, I use it via Paypal to buy things all the time without issue.
  3. So since I last bought any L$ I switched banks and got a whole new bank card, but I still use the same Paypal I did prior. I removed my old Paypal and added my new one, just to get this error: "To use your PayPal account with Second Life, it must be verified with a bank account". My Paypal is linked to my bank account and my credit (bank via) card. All my billing information is up to date and it's still giving me this error. This must get asked often, but I just don't know where to look for the answer. How do I fix this so I can buy L$ with my Paypal account?
  4. Is it really that easy to make an AO? I assumed that AO by definition took some coding know how, I had no idea AO builder kits existed. I'll take a look into that, but still open for other suggestions anyone has...
  5. Title says it all, well I hope it does, I'm looking for a decent robot AO for a character I'm working on, free thinking, tough, no nonsense bounty hunter, but I can't find any AO for robots (amoung the few I could find) that arn't corny, over the top, or just down right disapointing. Looking for something that says watch your step in a very human way, but also has some gestures a robot or cyborg would do, spinning hand 360 degrees at the wrist, scaning in front of him in a uniform way as if anaylze everyone around him, ect. Anyone know any offhand? I have the Avi already, just need a fitting AO to go with him, I can link him below for those who might want a better idea of what I want the AO to fit; https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SW-BH-7X/5514882
  6. I wasn't sure where to put this, so if this fits better elsewhere Moderators you are free to move this. So I wanted to have my avatar sing a song in world, but with a limit of only 10 seconds per sound clip, I was wondering if it is possible to sing from avatar using a streaming service. It's only a single song, no longer then two minutes long, and I wanted her to sing in time via some kind of HUD to control her mouth movements. Another thing I was curious about is having NPC back up singers who can be controlled and sing for the chorus of the song, also controlled by a HUD if possible. The singing animations would be more akin to opera style singing without holding a microphone, and with hand and head movements for emphasis during certain parts. I'm not sure where to start, nothing easy is ever worth doing I know for certain, but I don't know if what I'm thinking is even possible, can anyone enlighten me if this exists somewhere as an easy to use system or do I have cobble something together myself?
  7. I've had this issue more the once, basically I'm wearing an item (a bolter slung on my avatar's back) and even though my inventory says it's worn, it won't appear, what's going on? I can't even select it, so I don't think it's invisible it just not there even though it says it is. Is this common, or am I missing something stupid? EDIT: No, the bolter was adjusted fine, it was on my back at a slight angle, I'm going to have to try selected edit via the inventory and see what happens. EDIT 2: It's still on my back, but is invisible, I don't know why, or how to fix it, I heard someone say something about texture servers on SL going down/having problems, not sure if that is to blame, also sorry for not replying, apparently a can't... -.-;;
  8. Editing and Texturing 101, Where do I start?

    I think I will do that, prehaps the creator could even teach me first hand? One can only hope... : Thanks for your help Sassy.
  9. Editing and Texturing 101, Where do I start?

    Bollocks, I was afraid of that, so on a scale from 1 to 10 how hard would this be too do, like I said my ADD can really hamper my ability to learn things, but once I learn something I never forget. Also what do you mean "accusations of copybotting/theft"? I'm still newish to SL and not familiar with some of the in world terms, theft is clear enough, what the heck is copybotting?
  10. So I've been in Second Life for a few months now off and on, And am getting the hang (finally) of editing clothing and objects for the sake of portions and to fit my Avatar, but I've long wanted to edit things on a much more in depth scale, but am utterly lost, not sure if I (should/can) do it in SL itself (I use Firestorm Viewer btw) or I should export things to a program like Blender or Gimp and do everything there and re-import it for use, and where to even start with either the former or the latter. Well before I ramble on further, here is what I want to do, I'm a furry in SL (huge surprise, kinda rare in SL I hear... :P) and my Avatar has digitigrade legs, I recently bought a Sister of Battle Power Armor outfit from the Marketplace, and want to use a pair of nice looking (yet simple) digitigrade boots and retexture them to fit with the outfit, using the textures of the standard boots. One of the many problems I run into is that the item is a single piece, instead of separate pieces like jackets and the like, and that rezzing it in a sand box causes it to be unelectable and invisible, and I have no clue why, both the boots I want to use and the armor itself both have permissions for modifying, I'm just stupid and don't know how. Anyone able to enlighten me in pointing me to some easy to follow tutorials or even better, coming in world with me and showing me first hand? ADD really hampers my ability to learn sometimes. Any help would be wonderful. Here are links to the two items I am looking into combine: Sisters of Battle Armor by Umbra (top notch work btw...) Shadowhound Digitigrade Boots by !ASI (more great work, digi friendly gear, bit pricey but nice... :) )