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  1. its intel pentium D CPU 3.00 GHz 32 bit OS windows 7 home premium service pack 1 as for the card its asus hd 5450 silent 1gb ddr3
  2. I accept roleplayers be it elf or fox or whatever i do not own my own house but plan to rent one somewhere once i get lindens i explore second life alot would like to adopt a daughter I am friendly I am taken in real life so therefore will be the only parent if you can understand that okay if your interested or want to shoot me any info about yourself first to see how things go ღMatthew Shane Weigerღ shoot a notecard to me i also live in central standard time
  3. I have no experience with anything in the past I hosted for clubs but most of the clubs i hosted for no longer exists and the residents behind them quit so no way to prove that I have had that experience I have no experience with taking pictures would love to be a model but cannot afford clothes to model in since i noticed most places needing models need money to buy there clothes in order to model for them I am also willing to work for like a customer support position depending on what its far and if I understand it. I am willing to work hard but real life does come first I am also working ha
  4. back in 2008 SL load pretty fast for me everything loading great but when new stuff started arriving in the viewer then complexity avatar number arrived it just got extremely laggy i want people to be able to see me but I also want to be able to see others so avatar complexity i leave on default setting i don't increase it at all but everything else is slow buildings load up slow textures load slow it all used to load very fast i had a hd radeon 5450 if it worked in the past it should still be working now but i guess Sl viewer must of advanced so much it no longer wants to support this card an
  5. You knew me as either Matthew Weiger or Matthew Podlum I'll be changing the name soon sadly it represents and old friend I lost ex over something dumb I did and I regret it but never hear back from them anymore on my apologizes so all I could do is just moved on sometimes I hang out at the ohanna rock club but I also like to go exploring around I am an ex vampire i still have the old huds but im probably dead due to no blood but anyways hope to find the friends I used to talk to and maybe make new ones along the way my new name is ღMatthew Shane Weigerღ now need more information well I am a f
  6. that is age play and is very sick and disgusting a babyboy is different really to many everyone has different opinions of the way they are suppose to be but I do not wear diapers I am like any adult but not normal far from it then again what is normal normal doesn't exist but honestly I am learning still and I do not do ageplay that is gross and should be considered child molestation
  7. looking for some furry friends most females but willing to accept guy friends but I am not very good with what to talk to with the same gender unless they are um femboi like then I am able to talk to them like a female and feel comfortable :) I accept all I am not judgemental :) and i hope my new friends are not either I would like something that has some real life involvement too I need more real friends one's that will act mature when it's the time to and goofy when it's the right time and have fun aswell because recently I thought I had a true friend but all honesty it was an adult acting l
  8. I basically want a sister who will be there for me and also I will be there for her when she needs support even if we get into arguements I would like to be able to make up with you and still defend you if someone ever hurts my sis I will be a good brother and try my best to take care of you even if your in another family you can still be my sister a lil sister would be nice that way I can have a lil sibling in SL that can hang with a lil girl I father figure for when she comes back ages 3-5 you don't have to be a real kid but if you decide to be my baby sister you can roleplay and stay in rol
  9. yes I am running if its possible not saying it is just wondering if its possible to run second life with one gig of ram at all would 512 mb on a windows pc work to run second life?
  10. I am looking to be taught my role if you can forum im me if interested in helping i can give you some more information then aswell I am in bad need to learn my roles as a submissive and a babyboy so please if anyone can help please help I want to learn so I can be a better babyboy to my mommy domme I am new to this whole lifestyle I really like it and want to learn and grow and my mommy domme doesn't have what it takes to teach me thats why if anyone can take me under there wing of tutulige and teach me my roles it would be great atless until I finally get everything done perfectly because I a
  11. i would like to hear from you inworld im Matthew Shane Weiger (Matthew Weiger) I really hope this is right place to post this I am looking maybe full time with a mommy or part time depending on what your schedule are what your looking for either one is acceptable I really want a dom mommy there is dom babygirls and dom daddys so I know there has to be something like dom babyboys and dom mommys so please I am really interested in this I am not a real baby boy I am an adult baby boy I am 24 years old if you wanna reply here first before you can reply here or in my PM I should probably clarif
  12. Please give us more pick space there is alot of spaces and very limited picks we want to be able to pick are fav spots but we can't fit every spot we like in are picks and it would be nice to be able too please give us updates on this if possible if not can you explain business why you cannot
  13. I am wondering how much it would cost fully for someone to make a skin and shape of an age 5 boy avater but one that grows up over age up to age 18 its been done before in SL so i know its possible if someone can do this for me please give me a price so I know how much it will cost and I will work on getting the Lindens
  14. In all honesty sometimes its best to talk to find out if your compatible before going right into something
  15. Second Life of course someone I can spend time with at my sl job and everywhere else with start a family etc I accept any kind we can talk first if you want I don't mind Matthew Shane Weiger SL Name I will accept you if your trans-women
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