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  1. While I was away for the holidays over the last day or so, several people were nice enough to IM me inworld to inquire about this posting. Unfortunately, SL are your messages as I crashed on a logon. Please re-offline me or send me a forum Private Message and I will gladly get back in touch!
  2. I am interested in meeting female avatars who are interested in pursuing erotic, lesbian roleplay. I am specifically interested in female or trans avatars whose real-life typist is not female. I anticipate that most interested parties will wish to participate on alt avatars in order to protect the identity of their main avatar, and this is perfectly OK with me. I am interested in both "scene" and ongoing roleplay whereby the "relationship" carries on beyond the actual sexual activity. Some examples of ongoing RP; +Housewives conducting an affair +Doctor / patient romance/seduction +Office affairs, boss/secretary +Co-eds, cheerleader, students, teacher/student in lust +Sexual slavery +Sexual blackmail or sex-for-hire +Anything else we can dream up I am interested in most forms of erotic play including bdsm, so the interests of the other parties will figure heavily into how things move along. I can move to dominant or submissive roles as needed. Experience in a freeform second life roleplay group or sim would be nice but is not required. I am interested in containing all contact to within Second Life. Send jenncross ( brand new avatar ) an inworld IM for an invitation to the roleplay group and we can see where this leads. Yes, this is "different" and not everyone's cup of tea - but if it appeals to you....IM me :-)
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