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  1. as far as DOF, the 'preview' in the snapshot windows gives a pretty accurate preview. and I just shoot with and w/o DOF to make sure the face and foreground details are in focus. Just mask them in PS
  2. Not sure this is the right forum,but I have a MC with the ACS script and was wondering if anybody knows how to fine tune the steering controls for a more controllable ride? not fast and racing just more stable and not crashing into the left and right walls all the time lol yeah I know i need "practice" but they put all these adjustments in there but nobody ever explains what to adjust for more of a beginner" experience.Any Suggestions?
  3. for flickr uploads i never downsize. Flickr is made for the 'photographer' who often are shooting pics 20megs or higher. I believe though 6000 is the max resolution in the viewer. I sometimes shoot 5000 but mostly just double my screen resolution at about 3840. I also use a high pass sharpening set to about .8 and on a overlay blend for the final sharpening
  4. A video with the 'old' and 'new' me celebrating 16 years of Second Life! with a popular song from 2008 -my RezDay year!
  5. thanks soy! I suppose Manson's music isn't everybody's cup of tea! lol but that sim screamed for something 'freaky' ha ha
  6. I like your style you could use me:) I have lots of poses
  7. HI! well I have been in alot of videos made by Jackson but I finally decided to start trying to make my own videos. It's harder than I thought! Here is my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW7geAoSdsl5_6lP-opmAhw?view_as=subscriber my latest attempt:
  8. Hi I made this video of the Whimberly sim using Black Dragon and no post color editing. Enjoy!
  9. This is Luane's World (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Morning Glow/21/209/21) On the Black Dragon viewer, my WL and edited on LAB color mode and camera RAW
  10. thank you. It is the Search which is greyed out. Prefs and shopping show adult. A friend did tell me he tried to gift me a item of adult rating, he said the system message said I cannot accept items of that maturity level. I want to be an adult, damnit! lol
  11. I can go to any adult place. I can shop adult on the MP. I just cannot search for anything adult and yes my account is linked to my pay pal account
  12. Any one know how I can resolve this? The primary issue with this snaffu is that I cannot search 'adult' when in world. I cannot figure out how to make my account reflect that I have a payment on account. In the General section of Profile, I can select "I want access to" Adult, but, I cannot search anything with an Adult rating is it shows in my Profile I have no payment on file
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