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  1. Maybe a separate listing for DJ's and/or live music would be a good thing.
  2. It is annoying...for whatever the reason. I don't like the idea of charges for posting, either. I agree that a separate category for the adult themed clubs would be a good idea. Bumping the cost up? Not sure that will work...many can afford to pay the fees, even if they are higher...a hostess that is trying to earn tier...she may not be able to do that. I am sure that someone with a brilliant mind with find a way to fix this and just as sure that someone with a deviant mind will find a way around the rules.
  3. It is annoying...for whatever the reason. I don't like the idea of charges for posting, either.
  4. Why do I see events listed that happened 10-12 hours before? And then have to go through 47 pages to reach current time or upcoming events?
  5. I have my username, and thought I remembered my password, but there was not a home position set for my avatar and I cannot get her to rez anywhere. I have tried to reset or change my password, but it says they will send an email to me for that and no email arrives. All blockers and ad stops have been disabled. what do I do now?
  6. I chose a Linden house fromt the photos, for my premium membership, and I do not like it. Is it possible to choose another? Thank you Fressca
  7. My friend is receiving 1Linden, several times a day from my account. How do I stop this? I did not send it. thanks Fressca
  8. Do you mean for me to uninstall all the secondlife/firestorm stuff from the new Mac?If I do that I then need to download it again? will that bring my stuff back, settings, etc.? Fressca
  9. Okay...this is way over my non tech head. I had an older Mac and had the tech guy transfer everything over to the newer Mac. Second life seems to be working great, but the list is gone. You have said in your answer that I may have done something to break my Mac? Fressca
  10. I just got a newer computer. Transfered all my computer info. Opening SL tonight, my friends/group list in the community menu did not show up. How do I get them back? Thanks, Fressca
  11. Hello, I can be seen by others, but I see myself only as a red cloud. I have tried a dozen things to fix it, on the advice of an experienced resident and nothing has worked. How do I fix this? Thank You, Fressca
  12. I am not sure I know what you mean entirely. When I sign in, I can look at destination lists, but I don't see a woman with her back to me.
  13. I am so lost! I cannot see my avatar. I created an account, chose an avatar, was sent to welcome island, checked it out for a short time, logged off for the day. I have tried for several days to figure this out. I received two answers, but neither of them helped me. I can't see my avatar anywhere. What should I do now? Thanks Fressca
  14. Fressca

    Lost Avatar

    I set up an account and started with the free avatar. Looked around a bit and then logged off. How do I find my avatar now? I can open my home page. But, how do I go to another location and see my avatar there? When I logged off, my avatar was on Welcome Island. If I transported out of there, I do not know.
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