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  1. I would love to work as a school nurse ! Where is your school located at ?
  2. Hi , I'm looking for a job if anyone could help me out ? nothing of stripping or stuff like that , more of a classy , buisness type of work .
  3. A 13 on this website ? Jesus, Parent of this account , please now make sure to check all of her moves online !, She seems freaky , and this website is 17+ , she's still a child . Obviously .
  4. So I have been on second life for 2 months now , been loving everything about it ,but all of a sudden this week, EVERY SINGLE TIME , I try to log in it freezes then crashes , or im playing it, 2-5 minutes later it crashes , im tired of it and i want an answer why is It happening ? Although i have been having problems in my house with the internet connection , it also crashes but does that have to do with second life? Sometimes i use google chrome and theres so problem , Please someone help me , or send me a message on my account? @CeleniBragg Please help !
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