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  1. I did a bing search for the 800 number and resolved the issue, its not an easy find from the SL web page... also it seems my account was halted under ths suspicioun it was being hacked. I was informed it was halted because the IP log in was from another country... In light of all this I am grateful that this was done but seing that my account is less than a week in paid quartly premium I am also very angry, my CC is assocated with the account and also I invested quiet abit of real money in mesh items for my store and now I have to look to see its not compermised every week or so I don't wish to have my hard work or earned money stolen by some unscruplious thief. If this insindant happens again I will be very upset and will be insistanting on a back tracking of the IP and blocking said errioniious IP if not resolved I will be contacting lawyer... this is not how business is supposed to be conducted.
  2. I have a paid account that seems to be either hacked or something else I am not happy I paid quarterly amount for premium and haven't had a full week and now my pass word is not working... I want a phone number to resolve this now or I will be contacting my lawyer this is unacceptable.
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