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  1. might want to fix it so people can actually tp into the sim and not into a skybox in the air
  2. magnum industries has a full system on the mp, here are the links for ya: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MAGNUM-AFSS-Fire-Sprinkler-System/6123268 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MAGNUM-AFSS-Suppression-System/6576648 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MAGNUM-Smoke-Detector/6576665
  3. Hello al ! so i am looking for any brand new low lag small sims who may have or may be starting up and are entering the search for a fire chief and or fire protection services, please let me know as I am looking to form my own department. IM me inworld, plz and ty.
  4. okay so i bought lindens 2 days ago, and now i can't buy any more cause it would exceed my daily limit, i mean come on, do i have to wait a full month before i can buy more lindens? like seriously?
  5. came by and looked, its a very nice looking station. not looking to join but am just looking around for now.
  6. just looking to travel around and check out new fire department s that i have not visited. any suggestions, feel free to post, slurls included plz and ty. :matte-motes-big-grin:
  7. hello there, i understand you are looking for an investor? i might be interested, i do have a solid job in rl and it pays very well. i do buy a lot of lindens sometimes so much so that i creep into the millionaire lifestyle on SL. please let me know as far as numbers go, what would an investor need to spend and what are the benefits to being the silent investor ? i love to hang out with wealthy sl people and just have a good time, even if it means hanging out at jim norton's for coffee and gossip and maybe a coffee flavored muffin.
  8. hi, my name's chris, my past posts drove people away so this post i'm gonna keep it short and sweet, for instance, i like music, i like to dance, i love socializing, and love to meet new people and make new friends. I dislike cocky arrogance, attitude, and ego. my dream girl would be someone who is just themselves, not trying to be something else. i'm really into public safety roleplay as well as twilight roleplay like the movie. if there is anything i missed and you want to know, PM inworld and let's get together and chat. I am able to offer that special someone my heart, strength, honesty, loyalty, no hidden secrets, no games. no drama cause i hate drama.
  9. it was not taken unrightfully, point taken is, you know NOTHING about firefighter rp, the sim owner himself saw all the mistakes you made, so if anyone else has questions, direct them towards me or lonewolfnz cyberstar. I would be happy to answer any and all questions about the sim and the NEW FD i am chief of at seaside heights.
  10. hello caroline, inteested in having kids on here? IM me, i don't have money for HUDS but if your willing to fund that part, lets meet up and make love.
  11. Hi, My name is Christopher Magic, but you can call me chris, i'm a very lonely guy out in the open, with no where to go and time to kill. I've been up and down the drama coaster, i got off after a while. I'v had my heart broken a few times, both rl and sl, so needless to say, yeah, I've had my days and my nights. I'm done going to random clubs, beaches, any place to meet women, thats where you would find me. After today I'm done searching, and if your reading this, then obviously your interested. So here it goes: I'm single in rl and sl, I want more than just having sex or being " friends with benefits " . I want a strong, healthy relationship with a woman who can be her self, she doesn't hide anything, she doesn't take crap from no one but yet still wants the love and affection of a man and the touch of a mans arms wrapped around her. Someone who is strong, sexy, funny, smart as a whistle, great sense of humor, and lives life like there is no tomorrow. But on the soft side wants to settle down, raise a family, be married, have a couple kids, and live like they did back in the old days, steady and strong. I'm a sucker for blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes, and hazel eyes . I prefer brunette but am happy with a blond, i love gingers, and yes i love girls with black hair. I'm a pretty fit guy so she would have to be some what fit but a little curvy here and there preferably the " love handles " . Not into big butts or breasts, its just unflattering. Is not afraid to be in the nude 24/7 wherever we may go, loves to dance, have a good time, and just be who they are. Well it's getting late, i better be off to bed, i'm getting old in my times and my body is calling for that comfy pillow on my bed. And just a little note off to the side, I'm a straight guy, I am not Bi so please do not send me IM's if your a guy reading this with a female avi, I WILL VOICE VERIFY. ok thats enough for me for one night, good night, and to whoever reads this, if this is what your looking for, then IM me. we can talk over coffee and yes I'm buying :manlol:
  12. see i have crashed 4 times today using singularity viewer on a 64-bit win8 system, i have an asus alptop with 500 gb hard drive and 4 gb ram of memory. yet i used both the alpha and the regular one from january, both crash randomly. any thoughts?
  13. hello all my, the pine leaf fd and pd are in need of fresh new faces to rp on the fd and pd, we use HD for fire system and HD trucks, if this sounds interesting, IM Christopher E. Magic in world and let me know if you would be interested in rp'ing on a great sim. Pine Leaf Estates
  14. Hello good people of second life, pine leaf estates is open for new renters to move in asap. we have a few townhouses, a few small houses, and some apartments. below are some pic of the property's for rent: Single Family house: Rent is 1500L a week with 300 prim limit We have 1 available TownHouse: Rent is 1500L / week Prim limit is 300 and we have 1 available Apartments: Rent is 300L / week with 75 prim limit Rent is 300L / week, 75 prim limit Rent is 300L / week, prim limit is 75 Rent is 300L / week , 75 prim limit ALL RENT DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE. Thank you for stopping by and hope to see you on the sim. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Queens%20Park/85/211/22
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