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  1. White Female sub/slave seeking Black male or female Dom/me to serve, I am a female sub seeking a Black Male or Female Dominant of either sex to serve. Speaking native German but also a very good and fluent English speaker is preferred, and my ideal Dom/me is intelligent, literate, and looking for conversation / help / companionship in addition to sex and play. I would be very open to serving with other subs/slaves, or as part of a family group. I consider myself more a slave than a sub, but for the right person, I would be willing to submit more deeply. My hard limits are snuff, impact play, and other pain play, kiddy play, modification of avi of amputation of limbs, scat and pony play. My fetishes include being **bleep** toy, being whore, strict bondage, corsets, and lingerie. Pet, vampirism and maid service aren't particular kinks of mine, although I am open to exploration if it pleases a Dominant. I would also be happy to roleplay almost anything that doesn't violate my limits, including Gor (though I'd need training for that last). I am not interested in financial servitude. For the rest, my hours of availability are between 9 a.m. and 12 a.m. SLT, Monday through Friday. I want to keep my SL separate from my RL, so no cams, and I would prefer not to do voice chat. I also have and prefer RLV and I'd be happy to use it for you too ! If you want more snaps of my avi and you are interested in me please feel free and IM me inworld. Respectfully, Princessiveta
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