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  1. but if you grief the stalker linden labs listens him, funny huh
  2. that happens to me, i have been stalked for a long time, i have reported this person to LL lots of times, and yes, the person pops up and appears right by your side , wherever you are in the grid, this stalker knows exactly where you are, i think these stalkers know how to script or are hackers because they are not only stalking you in sl be aware, he must be stalking you when you are searching through the web, the pages you are visiting you will find him there also, i dont really know but i wonder why linden labs doesnt do anything when you are report them, they dont listen to you, they wont do anything because i have been stalked for years and reporting for years, since linden labs didnt listen to me, i griefed the stalker everytime he was getting close to me, because you know who is the stalker, he gives you clues. anyone can get pissed for not having privacy, then the stalker reported me and i got banned, i cant understand why the stalker become the victim and you the agressive player while, LL dont take your reports seriously, its very creepy. yes its stalking if you are wondering and yes they can track you gride wide, but im not sure how they do it
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