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  1. I would love for those guesses to be right and the new homes be big open treehouses 🌳
  2. I bet Patch loves frothing us all up in a speculative frenzy 🤣
  3. I'd suggest perhaps trying to decorate in a theme you haven't done before or in a while- steampunk, boho, retro futuristic, whatever. Or set yourself a challenge- furnish a room the best you can under $500, with items only from one store, or items you made yourself, items only from the current year, etc.
  4. It is a wearable item. As for still for sale, not sure, but you can check. It's by Abranimations, and called 'Wooden Toy Train'. Pretty sure I got it from their advent calendar one year so not sure if they're still selling it somewhere
  5. Idk about y'all but I found my train to ride these rails:
  6. Oh I'm very sure it is. But LL has already made boatloads of $$$ with these new homes - as they should, they're a great product and lots of hard work went into them. They will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. There will always be more popular themes and less popular ones though no matter what the themes are. If they're all 'real' world clones though SL would look more like every other 'mmorpg' and lose our uniqueness Absolutely agree
  7. So I know Chic was just speculating about the next ones being Fantasy. However, I really do think now would be a good time for LL to make a 'non standard' home type available. You've got four 'real' type home themes out already. Showcase Second Life's ability to be whatever the heck we want it to be, meaning we're not locked in to whatever normal 'reality' is out in the real world. Many of those home types- fantasy, futurisic, mermaid - were very popular in the "suggest 4 wishes type" thread
  8. Wow! Are they finally cutting off the ability to pick up the older themes?
  9. BRB going to pester Alia into spilling the beans
  10. RFL of SL is one of the best things to ever come out of Second Life. Very glad that Bellisseria is taking part! F*ck cancer 😊
  11. Yes, its one resident was the winner ever since then
  12. Yep. You hear quite a few of these people in group chat too. They are shocked to learn they can get all the house types on their plot.
  13. That's clearly Mount Doom, the dark lands of Mordor. I've heard of some Hobbits sneaking around the grounds. Logically then the new house theme is Hobbit Holes. I figured out the clues yall 😉
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