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  1. Yeah I actually heard several people today in world talk about getting the same thing
  2. Is there a website archiving these new names as they rotate in and out of selection? I'd be curious to see them when they do start retiring the new ones
  3. I'd love those, little islands especially. I know some people are thinking 'Why not just get a houseboat'? For myself and I think many others we're looking for some land and water, not just water
  4. That's actually a $50 group join for that one
  5. A door on the back of the Lincoln 😆 It's my favorite. Orrrr something that lets us rotate it 180 so I can truly see the river. Seriously though, nothing comes to mind.
  6. I don't think so, several As were kinda borked
  7. We've got all the essentials covered
  8. Big button pushing vibes @Patch Linden
  9. Just packed up my house today. Created a new subfolder in my decor section, "Lodge". Started paying more attention to that style when browsing events etc
  10. Yeah. A ton of people were camped out at the former region edge then wooosh, the heavens opened and we were allowed across a (then) blank mountain region that connected to the new Vics. We couldn't go on the Vic regions but we could cam alllll the way around, look at the details, open doors. Patch and another Mole came up and talked to us at that edge for a few minutes. Then a few hours later they appeared on the land page.
  11. That picture of Mole National Park is beautiful. I'm hoping for looooots of trees. Evergreens, red pines, etc. Nice and dense that actually gives off a forest feel. They're probably going to use some big rocks, possibly as 'parcel dividers'. I'm also looking forward to less structured/orderly region layouts and "roads"
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