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  1. Hello, I'm looking for rigger for female bodies, concretely Maitreya Lara, Belleza Freya and Legacy. I can rig by myself, but I feel better in that creative side, of doing models, texturing and so. Usually is work about 4-5 models per month. If you are interested, please contact me with notecard inworld: Vertiline Colter, with your prices and some info about your rigging experience. Thank you, Vertiline Colter
  2. At store look for catwa head appliers and maitreya body appliers, or Omega for both. If you will use Omega applier, you will need Omega relay for both head and body, what is available at Marketplace, or inworld store. Try demos. Demo not usually match at neck, cause many stores put on demos UV map lines, so it can look different at neck, but at almost all stores here that neck match at full version. Insol, Pumec, The Skinnery, Not Found, Deetalez for example have really nice combinations of face applier and body appliers and have demo for all.
  3. I think, Slink have at store some free kit (but not totally sure about it), like developer kit, where are scripts for make huds for body appliers, I'm sure, there will be some guide also about it, how to create it. Also depend, how look that texture, cause it can be only preview, or is texture on UV map. If you buy for your Slink body Omega relay, you can also create easy body appliers for body. Relay for specific bodies and scripts for it are at Omega store inworld, or at Marketplace. TP to Omega Marketplace Omega for Slink bodies
  4. Oh, forgot on this brand. They have very realistic faces, with nice pores and freckles
  5. So this is my look this morning, with my usual glasses. Last weeks felt in love with this mechanic arm from Omnis and can't take it off
  6. Hello, my favorites all the time are Insol (but they have not additional options), The Skinnery (you can choose between different tummy, nipples, cleavage, etc...), Deetalez (have some options in hud too) and Pepe skins (have really beautiful belly for curvy girls). Now I saw, that L'etre added some new body skins with different options and Studio Exposure have some 3 or 4 different belly options too I think.
  7. Maybe she didn't mean it like this, but still it is about, what we should do in our own homes. What is nonsense, cause I expect, that in my home I can do all, what I want. That's why we have homes, not?
  8. So it means what... That in my own home I should open my privacy to everyone see, what I do there? I thought, that biggest reason for having home is that fact, that you can setup privacy there and no one see, what you do there, cause honestly... Many times we do at our homes things, what we can't do at public, right? And we don't want people see it, that's why we put privacy in our home... Simply logic 🙄 What will be next? We should turn off privacy orb or land privacy setup and let you go in our homes, to you feel more like in neighborhood, or you feel more socialize? Btw... if you need
  9. Thank you. I'm really in love with it, so no matter, what season it is, I wear it often, even people sometimes looks on me like on stupid ?
  10. This is my look today. Well, better say look of last 3 days, I'm lazy to change. And cause I'm obsessed with this coat
  11. Hello, I'm looking to hire rigger of clothing and shoes for mesh bodies. I know, how to rig, but I want more focus on design of my stuff. Mesh bodies: Maitreya Lara Belleza Isis and Freya Slink Hourglass If you think, it's work for you and you are experienced in rigging clothing, please leave me a message inworld (Vertiline Colter), with some info about you and your fees.
  12. Thank you for your answer. Yeah, I too thought, that it can be by some my setting, like facial expression, but for it I took new copy of head from redelivery terminal, used default shape, which came with head and all same. Will check adjusting that shape again... I found only one solution and that, when I make my own eyes for my store, just move texture on UV map. I was curious, if I can fix it without it. Thank you for your answer Lexbot
  13. Hello all, I have question about Catwa rigged eyes, which come with mesh head... Always, when I apply any eyes texture there, it's just like I still look up, I mean, half of texture is just under eyelid. I tried many different brands, but just all are like this. Is any solution for it? I created too my own textures, where I follow UV map, which came in developer kit for eyes, but there is same problem. I know, I can't move rigged eyes, so because it I always used Catwa mesh eyes, which are sold separately and aren't rigged, but I saw many people weared eyes, which came with head and had i
  14. This make my day... At first, creators make mesh bodies not transferable, so it´s not possible to send. At second, this things isn´t cheap and we all must work in rl, or sl for buying this things. But for not be so grumpy... How was said, Akeruka have mesh head like group gift (150 L fee, I think), or you can try some gachas, for example from Genesis Lab, they put sometimes their heads like Rare gacha item. Or browse Marketplace, there will be some heads, or mesh body for free. Or just go work
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