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  1. Vertiline Colter

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Thank you. I'm really in love with it, so no matter, what season it is, I wear it often, even people sometimes looks on me like on stupid ?
  2. Vertiline Colter

    How does your avatar look today ?

    This is my look today. Well, better say look of last 3 days, I'm lazy to change. And cause I'm obsessed with this coat
  3. Vertiline Colter

    Looking to hire clothing rigger

    Hello, I'm looking to hire rigger of clothing and shoes for mesh bodies. I know, how to rig, but I want more focus on design of my stuff. Mesh bodies: Maitreya Lara Belleza Isis and Freya Slink Hourglass If you think, it's work for you and you are experienced in rigging clothing, please leave me a message inworld (Vertiline Colter), with some info about you and your fees.
  4. Vertiline Colter

    CATWA rigged eyes

    Thank you for your answer. Yeah, I too thought, that it can be by some my setting, like facial expression, but for it I took new copy of head from redelivery terminal, used default shape, which came with head and all same. Will check adjusting that shape again... I found only one solution and that, when I make my own eyes for my store, just move texture on UV map. I was curious, if I can fix it without it. Thank you for your answer Lexbot
  5. Vertiline Colter

    CATWA rigged eyes

    Hello all, I have question about Catwa rigged eyes, which come with mesh head... Always, when I apply any eyes texture there, it's just like I still look up, I mean, half of texture is just under eyelid. I tried many different brands, but just all are like this. Is any solution for it? I created too my own textures, where I follow UV map, which came in developer kit for eyes, but there is same problem. I know, I can't move rigged eyes, so because it I always used Catwa mesh eyes, which are sold separately and aren't rigged, but I saw many people weared eyes, which came with head and had it allright. So is here any thing, how I can fix it, or I just must move texture on UV map and catch that right place, when I will create my own textures? Thank you so much for answer
  6. Vertiline Colter

    Mesh help wanted

    This make my day... At first, creators make mesh bodies not transferable, so it´s not possible to send. At second, this things isn´t cheap and we all must work in rl, or sl for buying this things. But for not be so grumpy... How was said, Akeruka have mesh head like group gift (150 L fee, I think), or you can try some gachas, for example from Genesis Lab, they put sometimes their heads like Rare gacha item. Or browse Marketplace, there will be some heads, or mesh body for free. Or just go work
  7. Vertiline Colter

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Today look:
  8. Vertiline Colter

    Mesh head for an Asian avi??

    Hello, Genesis Laboratory have few Asian heads. Look in their store https://www.flickr.com/photos/crazy-shopaholic/29648678516/in/dateposted/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/crazy-shopaholic/20091495488/in/dateposted/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/crazy-shopaholic/19651215429/in/dateposted/ And for Catwa head is nice Asian skin from L'Etre https://www.flickr.com/photos/130578934@N04/29690118376/in/dateposted/
  9. Vertiline Colter

    Bad graphic after reinstall Win8

    Hello all, I have problem after reinstal Win8 32 bit. I have installed Nvidia and Intel graphic drivers, like before and this is what I see now, when I log to Firestorm, or classic SL viewer. In settings in viewer I have graphic on ultra qualitty: https://gyazo.com/77226f36ad1645438e13006515fe3203 Before reinstall Win I have great qualitty and now this. I don´t know, what do with this, I´m photographer in SL and this is really bad graphic for photography :D Can someone help me? Thank you so much for your answer. Skylar
  10. Vertiline Colter


    Hello, my name is Skylar and I´m bi. I´m girl in female avatar If you want, write me, or add me and we can hang out Inworld name: Vertiline Colter
  11. Vertiline Colter

    Looking for friends to hangout, or go on coffee :)

    Thank you. Yes, Shinda is very nice place
  12. Hello, I looking for friends to hangout, or chat, or go on coffee for example :) I do not care for gender, race, or color of skin. But it will be fine, when you will be under 35 years, but it is not a requirement and you will be in europe time zone. If you want, contact me in world: Vertiline Colter Have a nice day :)
  13. Vertiline Colter


    I apologize to all English-speaking members for Czech thread, but Czech forum is not here. Thank you for your understanding. Ahoj, najdou se tu nějací Češi, či Slováci? Vím, že existuje český sim, ale už to tam není to, co bývalo, spíš už jako uzavřená skupina, než jako před lety, kdy jsem tam zašla. Bylo by fajn si občas pokecat i ve svém rodném jazyce :) Ve světě jsem kdyžtak jako: Vertiline Colter.
  14. Vertiline Colter

    Looking for a kind friends.

    Hello everyone, For a long time I've not been in SL. So looking for new friends to chat, fun, or maybe go for a coffee or explore interesting places. I do not care for gender, I do not care if you're human, neko, or perhaps a vampire, or an animal. I would prefer someone in real aged 20-40 and European time, because we were able to go somewhere out in space :) If you want, contact me inworld: Vertiline Colter, or here. Regards and Have a nice evening. Vertiline
  15. Vertiline Colter

    Back after nearly three years...

    Hello everyone, I returned to SL back after almost three years. None of my old friends had not come here and I´m looking for new friends. On gender, or age does not matter :) Thank you for your response. Vertiline Colter