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  1. Okay, problem solved! So I did have to right click some stuff and set script stuff to running. In the future, for those suffering with the same issue (assuming you're using firestorm): Right click the thing that isn't working Click edit At the very top of the viewer, click build, then hover over Scripts. Click "Set Scripts to running" Then hopefully it should work, though settings may have to be reset. As Whirly mentioned, if it's no mod, you'll have to get a redelivery. Thank you guys for all your suggestions, but I got this figured out.
  2. So I was alt tabbed, playing some games with SL on in the background. Then suddenly I heard that sound when a sim's about to restart, so I try to go teleport to another sim, but then I get logged off anyways. And I log back on to find that my AO isn't working, and I can't click anything on my hud, or on any of the clickables on my avatar. I've tried resetting scripts, I've tried clearing inventory and normal cache, I've tried teleporting to another sim, I've tried flying at least 100 meters up, I've tried switching avatars back and fourth, All of which to no avail. I did find that
  3. Hi, i'm getting really tired of relying on asking for L$, and i want a job. things: I'm only active at afternoon and at nighttime my AV is a pony because 1. i'm a brony, 2. because i dont have a good human AV. intrest's: i like to play MIDI's or sega genesis version of songs over my mic using stereo mix,
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