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  1. Fine I'll just leave it in my pocket then!
  2. Epic post of the week so far hopefully it holds on my number one until Sunday.
  3. All this over a thong and now my head hurts LOL
  4. I own it and I like it. Although it has not been updated in quite some time.
  5. Get NordVPN and you will never have to worry about that problem.
  6. This happened at IMVU a few years ago. Some choose to stop designing, And others kept designing. The ones who stayed has designers did well and the thieves were caught in time. Follow your plan is my advice.
  7. Most mesh bodies are about 9000 complexity, If you're numbers are running higher then 60,000 then you are wearing poorly designed mesh. Sure the textures may be great but the mesh has too many vertices. It may be hard for you to understand but complexity does matter and not just for old computers. Going off of what you posted your avatar alone is probably file size wise bigger then a Call of Duty map.
  8. I like her post not too long, Or too short! I hope you find what you are looking for.
  9. Check your settings if Advanced Lighting is turned on it may be dragging your FPS down. Even with the powerful rig you have.
  10. It's a great place to hangout I visit in my free time, And Sugar is totally friendly so is the rest of the club staff.
  11. The Destination Guide needs serious loving. So many places listed on it that are not there except for the most current Editor's Picks.
  12. ibnsane

    TMP dev kit

    I've never had an issue with getting support from TMP. Just because some people think its complicated it is thrown to the side. Stylemode is great, Stores all your aplliers you ever installed. So no need to go looking through your inventory for an outfit, or tattoo. Just load up Stylemode and its all there. Sure you can't get the DevKit has I'm posting this but that might be because things are changing up after a year, Plus all their store clothes are half off atm for delivering over 1,000,000 Meshes.
  13. Maitreya is by far the most compatible, Is it the best? Nah. But you can find plenty of mesh clothing, and appliers for it.
  14. ibnsane


    I'd wait a week before going after they open to avoid all the afk people, and the people trying demos.
  15. Research, Research, And Research again! Know you will have to buy new clothes also that fit whatever mesh body you are buying. And the floating thing you mentioned may be from your hover set wrong on your shape, or if using firestorm.
  16. Looks really don't matter if you are a nice person geniuely. I'm a male and even when I had the classic body I was meeting many meshed out women wanting to chill. When you go all decked out you will meet some of the worst women in SL cause all they care about are your looks. Find something in SL that makes you want to be here instead of looking to hook up. The hook up part will come naturally and its a secondary gain. Rarely have I met a full on mesh women who doesn't have some sort of issues. In my experience the nicest women I've met have been rocking classic. Something to think about before you go out and blow lindens.
  17. The mesh heads that are out there are all very similar imo. Sure you can change the makeup and such but it is still the same head has many others before you have purchased, The other side of that is if you bought your shape from a shop then you have the same issue. The expressions that the mesh heads do have are neat but you still end up looking like a statue. But you should do what you want just know what makes you special is the decesions you make on dressing your avatar. I have a friend she refuses to wear mesh bodies, or heads and she looks good.
  18. Stripping, And selling sex sounds a hell of a lot easier then meshing lol! For real just drop 10 real bucks into your account and go shopping.
  19. Get used to the casual relationships you do have on SL.From my experiences I've found that there are no decent fun loving women on SL. Unless you meet a noob, Who is most likely an Alt. Just enjoy what you have for the time you have it, And move onto the next one. I was once one of the nice guys who dealt with women's bs on here, Now I'm just a roaming tourist with temporary friends. It's all about perspective.
  20. The ones I have used have just been like you tube linking. It's alright if you are sharing a clip with someone but other then that. They have not proven very useful other then looks.
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