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  1. As someone who got hit by this and now has their account in an Administrative Hold AFTER getting my account recovered and everything reversed, because LL can't do anything right, it's pretty damned real. It's apparently a RAT trojan manually sent around Skype as a file transfer, disguised as an image- except it's really a screensaver file, with Explorer somehow tricked into reading the extension backwards- rcs.png when it really is gnp.scr. It comes from someone you know, so you open it without thinking, and it doesn't work. Bam, the trojan's installed and it'll sit quietly waiting for you to enter a password- or rip them right out of somewhere, I'm not sure. I lost my Skype and my main SL account to it for a good eight hours until the automated system noticed something wrong and reverted everything. It seems for the most part the guy tries to buy Lindens, grab all of your payment info, and just give away money to random people- and then dig through your inventory for incriminating photos to put on his blog. A good 10-15 of my friends and acquaintences got hit with it too. Now I'm stuck hoping LL will give me my account back, I'm more afraid of them than the **bleep**ing hijacker. What a surprise.
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