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  1. Yes! My system head alpha lashes where still to long even though i made them as short as possible. It was those i could see pokeing through my mesh head. In the end i shrank my system head to as squashed and as small as possible using the sliders. Its not pretty but it worked great. Hope this helps.
  2. Hi thanks for the tips, i have restarted the pc and the router numerous times. My pc is also hard wired. Still no good. I have detached all my attachments to reset the scripts. Im running out of ideas. Ive never had this delay problem before and it does feel very much like lag.
  3. Hi all For the past few days ive had a delay when i walk of a few seconds. I can TP no problem. Ive updated all the drivers on my PC and ive updated i have even reinstalled the SL viewer but i still have a delay. I also have a delay when i open, close or try to use my one of my HUDs. Deleting objects and even objects loading. Ive been through my settings but i just cant seem to find out why. I do seem to be better at my home possition. Any advice or help would be appreciated. Many thanks Lola
  4. Hi all, Can anyone tell me how to make my system eyelashes dissapear maybe into my head? They interfere with my mesh head and ive tried everything to solve this but i cant find a solution. My Avi's system eyelash are set to 0 but i can still see the alpha through my new mesh lashes. Thanks in advance Lola :)
  5. The problem is from certain angles the lashes look fine but if you look at the direct on or from an angle they look as though there is another alpha layer in the way. Im sure what the creator is telling me, to pull back the System alpha into my head out of the way is correct but i cant find one!! as far as im aware i have no system eye or eyelash alpha.
  6. Hi all i recently bit the bullet and bought a Logo Mesh Head. Unfortunately the eyelashes seem to have problems. I have contacted the creator and she keeps telling me its an alpha problem with the system lashes, and i need to pull them back into my head!!! Ive no idea what she is telling me is anyone out there who has a better idea? Many Thanks Lola
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