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  1. Sorry for necroing but I have to just say this, I don't think it's greedy at all, you're not only supporting a creator, who has worked her butt off to bring you another RLV script into the world of bdsm, but also worked on bringing you collars and giving creators the means to use her scripts she has worked on, herself, just so you can have more collars, more options for your bdsm life and is just trying to give more to the bdsm lifestyle. You really don't need to buy the premium collars at all, there are free N °9 collars that you can get, however 999L$ isn't that expensive. It's just 5.67$ USD. You are also supporting a creator, you're supporting her by purchasing her collar and giving her the means of working on better scripts and updating her stuff, so you can have more and more enjoyability with your collar. I don't see what's wrong with spending a little bit of money to support a creator and no one wants to just work on something for months on end only to go unappreciated and talked about as if they were obligated to give you something for free, when they put a lot of hard work into their product.
  2. Here is my thoughts and opinions on things in sl, especially with the negative backlash that it has spreaded towards everyone in the community, giving them the wrong idea of things and making it something to fear. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First, I am well aware the thoughts about this and why people find it bad to rp as, especially in the adult world of SL, even though though SL isn't all about sex all the time. Secondly, Many people do not realize that they themselves partake in this very thing that they do not like in sl. This is illegal and you can get banned in sl for doing so, but what you do not know is that if you are not being your own age, you are very guilty of this very thing you are wanting to avoid. This is why I desire for SL to target that ban more towards a specific range, instead of one that is too broad for all. First, let me explain what I mean and what roleplay I am talking about. Please read. This very roleplay that I am talking about is *****. Yes, many rpers *****, all the time. You will see this and say "I don't *****" well let me give you the definition of *****: ~A form of roleplay in which the player deliberately acts an age different from their own~ What does ***** mean? (definitions.net) Rather you play a 3000 year old demon, vampire, a 48 year old nurse, doctor, lawyer but your real age is something else, you are in fact ageplaying. You don't have to have sex, you don't have to be a minor, though you can be a minor. The very fact that you play someone older or younger, this means that you are ageplaying. You are an ageplayer and don't even know that you are ageplaying because of the negative marks behind it, when people do sexual *****. To be more specific I will call this type of sexual ***** as sexual underageplay. I will call this sexual underageplay because it targets specifically playing an underage character in a role play, in a sexual way and usually have actual child avatars. ~I know that I will get a lot of hate for what I am saying and explaining to you but your logic on this needs to updated a bit from what I see and the trouble that it brings people, even though you treat SL as the land of kinks and fetishes and it has a lot more darker fetishes and kinks that no one seems to hate on. You see, the very issues with this is that it targets more than just 1 type of ageplayer, for example. Babygirls~ Yes that is right, you don't need to be underaged to be a babygirl, you don't need to be in diapers or the like but if you are not aware, Babygirls are submissives that have a kink/fetish for nurturing parental Doms and usually play the daughter (not real daughter) submissive of that person. That's right Babygirls will most likely call you Mommy or Daddy and it doesn't even need to be sexual. Most will be 18 years old for you. Vampires~ Yes, these ageplayers are usually 100s and thousands years old, they're usually gothic and very edgy. Mommy Doms~ some of them are not ageplaying and are actually the age they say but most of them are not that age. Daddy Doms~ Just like the ages of Moms. You see, your hate is towards 90% of Secondlife, non-sexual or sexual ageplaying fools that are not harming anyone and don't know that they too are all a bunch of ageplayers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Anyway, what I think is that SL should change their stuff around a bit and call "adult under-*****" being what is illegal if they don't want people to roleplay as underaged characters in a sexual manner and make people understand what they specifically mean and target. I also should think that Secondlife should share the definition and meaning of ***** so that people don't get the wrong idea of what ageplaying is, which people still do have the wrong idea of what it is. Secondlife's definition of ***** is ~ Sex with minors basically. ~ I understand where this has came from but I do like seeing a vampire sometimes, I do like seeing a flying floofy fairy, I do like seeing a demon an older age than I am, you know? It's kind of hard for any roleplayer to not change their age to suit their character. Being an ageplayer doesn't mean you're playing a minor, it means you play an age you are not of and anywhere between any age ever. ~18 year old strippers on sl are not usually 18. They're usually older than this. 18 year old bimbos? usually much older than 18.~ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also, here is some examples of kinks and fetishes that are a lot worser but is still around and no one bats an eyelash towards. | Rape | Vore | Snuff | Gore |
  3. Hello, I recently got into drama over my profile picks teleportation points. The thing is I never knew it was on there and Even though that was, I was told that the tp points wasn't at the area everyone was tping to, so everyone now kept teleporting into our home. The person that owns the home got angry at me and said I changed them but I didn't. I don't know why the teleportation points changed, but can someone please help me out, I changed them but was this a reset, re-roll or something and how do you turn off this teleporting points for picks?
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