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  1. LOL a 16-yr old complaining about nudity in an adult game. I need to get some water before I choke from laughter. In case you're somehow not trolling... Don't visit M sims? I must be a genius Choose a teen-friendly game for your kid? Like World of Warcraft? Don't let your kid install games as an excuse to sniff at porn then complain that adult websites shouldn't be hosting adult content?
  2. Pretty sure most people already heard about the current shopping sim "black fair". It's a prime example of how NOT to organize an event. Only one sim, with no extras for cam shopping, something that's pretty much a basic requirement for popular events like this. This is why the experience at Collabora8 is 10x less frustrating. You can easily get in on day 1, disable avatar rendering, get your shopping done, everyone's happy Somehow pick a sim with only a 30-avatar limit (not sure if this is set by Lindens or by sim owner, either way it's stupid) Making it completely impossible to get in within the first 3 days. Yes I've actually had my auto-tp script active for HOURS at a time, and still can't get in, that's how crowded it is. Imagine how frustrating it is for people who don't have (or never heard of) an auto-tp script You might say "have some more patience", but think about it, does it sound realistic for people in a virtual sim to have the patience to wait a week to get into some shopping sim? We're not talking about lining up to get the frickin iPhone X (even that didn't require waiting in line for 3 days), we're talking about just getting into some sim to buy some pixels in some online game. It's completely ridiculous. Long story short, don't expect 95% of the people to have the patience to waste HOURS clicking away (or afking with auto-tp script) just to get the privilege of entering some sim. Most people won't even waste that much time to get free stuff, let alone this. For anyone who hasn't heard of it, if you're frustrated at poorly organized shopping sims like this, use seraphimsl.com to do some window shopping without all the lag and waiting. They provide pictures of every item for sale in every event, so you don't have to waste time doing it inworld. No this is not an advertisement, just sharing what I've been using for years.
  3. sweetlilcasey wrote: The Aeros products look good and are easy to use for those that wouldn't otherwise waste time to learn how to tint their penises. I am neither promiscuous or virginal, but I don't think I've ever had a partner with sensations. That said, I am rather bored seeing nothing but Aeros genitalia everywhere I go. Xcite may be outdated, I am not sure, but they make excellent eye candy. Besides, that old adage is even more true in sl - it is not what you have, it is how you use it! I found Xcite to be really unappealing in terms of looks. Nowhere near the quality of Aeros/Sensations in terms of mesh model or textures. Their effort probably all went into scripting the outdated xcite plugin that no one cares about anymore. Also, they charge 1000L per model of the **bleep** with microscopic differences. Want slightly smaller shaft, or smaller balls? Another 1000L please. Absolutely ridiculous. Even on the no-mod Aeros you can resize everything. I care more about looks tbh. Not one of those people who hang around at sex sims pixel banging everyone in sight.
  4. Only one photo and it's one where your face is hidden and using default linden "afk" pose. Lol. Yeah definitely interested now.
  5. Anyone own both? They're at the same price point, I like Aeros' look and textures, however it's severely lacking in the features department, and worst of all it's no mod, which is almost a dealbreaker. Sensations on the other hand has better customer service, is modifiable, has a ton of extra add-ons at no cost, however I really don't like its shape and textures. I prefer the "thicker, rounder and smoother" type of shape if you know what I'm talking about, as opposed to the "long skinny and pointy-tipped" type that almost looks like a cone. Kind of sitting on the fence right now, anyone have some suggestions? Open to other brands as well, though so far I haven't found anything nearly as good. Not looking for outdated Xcite stuff, or anything sculpty.
  6. Tried the ping loop while logging in, highest ping was around 400, mostly they were 80-90. Pinging with 32 bytes of data:Reply from bytes=32 time=89ms TTL=50Reply from bytes=32 time=87ms TTL=50Reply from bytes=32 time=84ms TTL=50Reply from bytes=32 time=91ms TTL=50Reply from bytes=32 time=414ms TTL=50Reply from bytes=32 time=110ms TTL=50Reply from bytes=32 time=101ms TTL=50Reply from bytes=32 time=88ms TTL=50 Does this rule out anything though? Like could it still be possible that it's some router/firewall blocking some ports, despite having a rather normal ping result?
  7. Thanks Freya. Below is the ping from cmd. Seems fine to me though, not sure why I'm unable to log in. Pinging sim10611.agni.lindenlab.com [] with 32 bytes of data:Reply from bytes=32 time=85ms TTL=50Reply from bytes=32 time=87ms TTL=50Reply from bytes=32 time=85ms TTL=50Reply from bytes=32 time=87ms TTL=50Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 85ms, Maximum = 87ms, Average = 86ms
  8. Where do I find the sim IDs? Or can you just provide a few IDs of the safe zones like Pooley or Smith?
  9. Connection speed: 30mbps (speedtest.net) Windows 8.1, 64-bit. It gets stuck at "requesting region capabilities... attempt 3" then will boot back to splash screen with that error message. Does that mean I'm actually able to connect to SL and there's just something wrong server-side? I use Firestorm and I'm unable to find where to check for the IP and server name, as it's not in help -> about. Any simple test I could do to see if it's connecting to SL servers at all?
  10. Well more info would be great. I'm clearly on the internet right now otherwise I wouldn't be able to make this post.
  11. What does the error message "we're having trouble connecting. There may be a problem with your internet connection or Second Life grid" mean? It throws that error regardless of the location I try to log in (last location, home, safe hub, etc). There's no server maintenance and I get the splash screen when I launch viewer.
  12. TMP is pretty much the worst body hands down. Zero mesh clothing support is enough to steer anyone away from it. They refuse to release a dev kit so you're forced to buy stuff from their own tiny little shop with that retarded hud. It doesn't matter how good the body looks (imo it looks the worst out of the 4 major ones anyways), unless you plan to have a wardrobe of a grand total of 10 clothing articles for your body and stay nude 50% of the time, there's zero reason to get this body. Not to mention it's the MOST EXPENSIVE body of all, lol.
  13. Does anyone know how to export Firestorm's comprehensive list of windlight settings? They're not in the user_settings/windlight/skies folder, because they're integrated into the viewer. I want to import them into official viewer. Yes I know official viewer is crap, but sometimes I need to log onto it to upload mesh because Firestorm's mesh uploader is broken. The windlight settings in official viewer are so mind-numbingly bad it hurts my eyes to just log on.
  14. Gotta love how the JIRA's status is "need more info". What more "info" is needed? "Unable to join or leave groups" is too hard for LL to understand? (btw clearing group cache does nothing) 1. Clicking join group, says "group joined", but nothing happens 2. Clicking leave group, says group left, but nothing happens 3. Relog 4. Clicking join group, says "group joined", but nothing happens 5. Clicking leave group, says group left, but nothing happens 6. Relog 7. Clicking leave group, says ejectee not in group 8. Group is displayed as joined but cannot view notices, attempting to leave gives "ejectee not in group". Cannot rejoin group because there's no "join" button since I've "already joined it" Are LL servers having some kind of meltdown?? This is the type of **bleep** you'd expect from a server managed by a 2-person indie video game team who tried to bite more they can chew with a MMO.
  15. It's been like almost half a year and there's still no sign of a fix yet, wtf? Simply put randomly you're unable to join and/or leave groups. Attempting to join will pop the "you've successfully joined XXX group", but server-side you didn't, so you can literally press "join" 1000 times and nothing will happen. Leaving the group will either do absolutely nothing, or say "unable to leave group, ejectee not in group". Before the problem was fixed if you relog. Now? Relog does nothing. Somehow I ended up in 43/42 groups with -1 remaining, unable to leave any group. If I tried I could literally join 100 groups with -58 slots remaining because the server even manages to f*ck up the group count.
  16. Firestorm to vanilla viewer is basically the equivalent of a wrecked Ferrari (Firestorm) to a brand new sparkling pile of sh*t (vanilla SL viewer). Vanllla viewer lacks so many things it's hilarious. This viewer is clearly meant for the mentally challenged who doesn't know how to edit the position of attachments because it even lacks an "edit" button in the right click menu context. I'm surprised you're even able to build stuff on this viewer because clearly the UI is designed to make it as painful as possible. Firestorm on the other hand has features that you'd expect from a virtual world viewer, but it's unstable and laggy as ever. On average you'd lose at least 5-10fps simply by using this viewer, using exact same graphics settings as vanilla viewer. Your choice.
  17. Nice looking ads, but here are you problems: 1. You're not gonna get much sales selling non-mesh feet shoes. EVERYONE has at least 1 pair of mesh feet nowadays. No one buys those shoes from mesh templates where you need to use RGB to match the ankle anymore. That's pre-2010 2. Your prices. 899 for one colour of a simple tube dress with flexiprims? Er no thanks, the moment I see that price I'm not gonna even click the demo link. Have a look at what competitors price it at. First of all rarely anyone wears flexi anymore, that's so 2007. Second of all no one is going to pay 899 for a dress. 100-200L is the appropriate price for a dress 3. The quality of your mesh can be improved. I'm not sure if you got them from mesh templates or not, so if you got them from kits then get better kits. If they're original mesh they you really need to increase your triangle count. Some of your dresses look way too jagged 4. Participate in hunts and sales events
  18. Seems alpha and mesh just doesn't go together. I experienced a new "alpha" bug today that makes the texture look like shattered glass when viewed from an angle that overlays it on another semitransparent texture.  The shoe is already set to full bright (at least the faces affected are) by the way. Anyone know what causes this and how to fix it? I have some shoes with semitransparent glass-like textures from places like n-core, renegade and candydoll, none of them have this problem.
  19. All I'm creating is a simple ring collar with a dangling chain in front of it. It's just a damn ring with a bunch of smaller linked rings, and SL is throwing me error after error for trying to upload it. First I get some completely messed up dimensions for the chain hoops. It looked fine in the importer but upon rezzing it, the hoops are completely stretched in the Y axis and the Y dimension is reduced to 0.01, meaning I can't shrink it back to its normal size. Then I applied the scale in blender and tried to upload it again, and now it's throwing either "failed to upload, multiple errors, check the log" or "mav_block_missing". I play around with the LOD settings in importer, forcing some fields to 0, and now the uploader simply hangs after clicking "calculate". It's this hard to importer literally a bunch of rings into SL...??
  20. Good thing at least Blueberry and Addams charge non-stupid prices for their stuff, unlike Erratic. Their stuff pretty much doubled in price ever since landing that kit. 649L for ONE COLOUR of a lingerie set? Lol. I remember the days when Erratic stuff were like what, 150-200L per colour?
  21. The only way to get trapped in SL is you were banned by every single sim in the entire game except the one you're in.
  22. People still use "you're a noob" as an insult? Lel. Talk about being behind by about... 10 years, in the interweb.
  23. Facts: 1. LL doesn't care about copybotting. Reporting to them ripped stuff does absolutely nothing because more stuff listed on marketplace = more customers = more $L spent = more $$ for LL. You can be optimistic and say LL is a bunch of caring individuals but you're only fooling yourself. If they actually remotely cared, then you wouldn't see 3,357,238 blatant copyright violations littered in the marketplace that are years old. Intellectual rights? Lol wut's dat har durrrrr. More money pls 2. LL DOES care about negative reviews. They work together with shopkeepers to remove any negative reviews from products, regardless of whether or not the review is constructive. I've had reviews removed where I complained the product is low quality, contains false advertising or even missing items. They're basically just following Apple's footsteps in the Appstore. Negative reviews = less customers = less $$. The moment a shopkeeper flags a negative review, rest assured LL will remove it So: 1. Always try demos 2. Never buy anything too expensive on marketplace because it might fail to deliver (no redelivery on marketplace, and some shopkeepers are a-holes so they won't redeliver), turn out to be a scam (there were cases of people selling empty boxes), or have completely false advertising Don't expect negative reviews to have any effect on their business because a) most people won't bother reading reviews before buying and b) you have the awesome LL stamping out negative reviews.
  24. Bobbie Faulds wrote: One word....OMEGA. The vast majority of mesh bods, including SLink male and female, now work with Omega appliers. You can get the kit for free, no fuss no muss at the Omega Solutions store. Belleza has even bowed to the pressure and released Omega appliers for their skins, though they had said in the past they weren't going to. I think you're having trouble distinguishing difference between appliers and mesh dev kits.
  25. Before you start flaming, I want to get this message clear: I love the Maitreya body and it's the only mesh body I wear. But if there's one thing I can't stand, it's discouraging content creation. I know a couple of friends who are into making shoes, and none of them ever received a shoe kit from Maitreya (let alone the weighting kit for the body), despite waiting for weeks and even months. Despite not really liking the Slink body, if there's one thing that Slink does well, it's their customer service. Within days of applying for a kit, I got everything I needed, even got an IM making sure I received the stuff. Maitreya on the other hand? Absolutely no reply from creator, and just a "it takes a long time process applications, please be patient" from the CSR. It takes frickin 3 months to process a request that has less than 50 words on it? Bull. So why does Maitreya refuse to hand out developer kits? To make sure several creators (*cough*Blueberry*cough*) remain as monopolies for some time for people using Maitreya bodies? I won't be surprised if that's the case cause that's a pretty common business tactic in the real world. Pay a hefty exclusive rights usage fee, and you get to be the only seller for X amount of time. Don't tell me the body kit is not available. I refuse to believe stores that has stuff rigged for Maitreya are not using the official kit. Unless you've got 10 people weighting your stuff on a trial/error basis, there's no way you can make something that perfectly fits Maitreya body without a weighting kit. As for the shoe kit, it's obviously available, so why are people rejected from getting it? For the same monopoly reasons?
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