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  1. They are gambling, believe me. Skill in playing the games has a minor impact on it. Skills in math have a bigger one than that (but that applies to all gambling games in the real world). Did you ever played any of these games? The "Skilled Gaming" thing is just an excuse to be able to run it. Its proven by the fact that these games are "banned" from i.e. US states which also ban gambling. The "Skilled Gaming" thing is just a further nail down (not by law, but by Linden Labs) of gambling. And no they don't need a lawyers statement that it's not gambling, they need a lawyers (or notary) statement, that the operator is allowed to run operate this game and then can **apply** to Linden Labs to have it approved. I assume LL validates the scripts inside the machine to make sure everything is accordance to the law and not manipulated and test the games itself to verify that the "skilled part" is sufficiently high enough. The FAQ states: For It's true that the outcome is determined to skill, because if you don't operate this machines or just click on "next", you won't win ever. However this should not be understood at: "If I know all the rules and play it optimally I will always win", as this is NOT the case. This one is self-explaining This one too And this one technically would allow any gambling game allowed in the world. However, LL decided to rule out specific real world games by it, mostly due to the 1) remark. It's their game, their rules. Or so they say. Linden Labs doesn't want gambling games which are purely based on luck (such as slot machines) or any of the popular casino games and only allow games whose "outcome depends on skill". But that's a pretty loose term. The games in their very core are still 90% luck. For example, if you don't do anything and just click the next on the machine you may end up around 10% of the usual score required to win. if you play it the way its intended, you may be around 50% of the required score. And if you play very skilled you may end up 60 to 70% of the score. But if you win or not still highly depends on luck. Because most of the machines are similar to Bingo, where you have a 3x3, 4x4,, 5x5 grid and another "bar" where a random number comes. Now the "skill" here is to "select the number" from the "lower bar" in the grid above before the time (its decently high, but people new to or without enough practice may experience it automatically advances before they uncover all fields) runs out and the next numbers in the bar appear. So there is strictly "no skill" involved. Its similar to playing Bingo.A number is called and you mark it in the grind. The skill usually comes form the "jokers", which instead of a specific number you need to select you can select any number in the same column or on the whole grid. The "skill" here means to place these jokers in a place where it would complete a row or column (or where you think it would be more strategic) in order to receive the competition bonus. Some of the games also have hidden multiplier bonuses which sometimes are indicated by the fields you uncover so you could estimate if there is a multiplier in a specific part of the grid or not and use that in consideration which fields to uncover (similar to Mindsweeper game, shipped with many editions of Windows). But honestly, this is where the "skill" ends. No matter how skilled you are in these games, the **scores** are adjusted that the average return rate is around 88 to 94% these days (it was higher in the past). So no even if you were the most skilled gamer ever, the skill alone wouldn't made you profit in the long term. You surely may have days where you make much and other were you lose much. But over long term, you'll lose money. That's if you play the same game, on the same machine with the same multiplier all the time. It's the bonuses that decide if (and how much) you lose. the less you lose, the longer you can play until you either make profit just by the playing itself or until you clear the jackpots (or weekly raffles which depend on score. The more score you make, the higher you get and the higher your bonus from that pot will be and the better your skill the less money you will loser while getting that required total score). Of course, using mathematics, statistics, probabilities etc. you can improve this further. It's like let's say Black Jack was 20 to 30 years ago. You could, if you were really good at mathematics and statistics "count" the cards given out and calculate the probability if the next card will get you closer to 21 or over it. Many gamblers made a fortune doing that in real life casinos and it does indeed involve skill to achieve this, but its still gambling after all. In real world Casinos this was countered by not having a single or two decks in the Black Jack table but usually between 6 to 8 whole decks of cards (means 8x52 cards = 416 cards). Now it gets really hard, even impossible to reliably calculate the probabilities by counting the played cards. SL Casinos does similar. They calculate the probability of players beating a specific score. If a score of 36666 (in let's say "No Devil") with a 2x multiplier (pay 50 L$ win 100 L$) gives an average return rate of 96%, they will just change the score to 37000 (maybe 92%) or 37777 (88%) (just made up numbers so you get the idea). This numbers seems subtle to the players, but the change in the average return rate makes a huge difference for the operators. I mean just think about it. You start with 10.000 L$ and play 100 (or 1000 to have a sufficiently high number, see the Law of large numbers) games every day. With 36000 score you would have (statistically!) 9600 L$ at the end of the day. Next day you'd have, 9216 L$ etc. All assuming there are no bonuses given and no jackpots. It's easy to calculate with the formula of: initial money * (return rate/100)^number of days. In the above example, after 10 days, you'd statistically end up with: 10.000 L$ * (96 / 100) ^ 10 = 6648 L$. Or in other terms, you lost (again: statistically!) 3352 L$ after 10 days. If you play on a 37777 machine, it's: 10.000 L$ (88 / 100) ^ 10 = 2785 L$. Woops! Such a huge difference! You lost 3/4 of your money, or 7215 L$. Little score differences make a HUGE difference in how well you perform. The real skill here is not the skill involved playing the game (though it has a certain impact on it. Someone with low skill would have far less than 96% return on the 36000 score example and hence lose more money over time). The real skill lies in finding out the return rate, find the place with the best direct bonuses and good daily/weekly/monthly challanges and reduce your changes as much as possible while playing so much that your score is high enough to grand you the weekly challenge. This is good enough to make a few 10000 L$ per week. There are other tactics, which you can make anything from 400 to 1200$ (not L$) per day on a pretty regular basis, but involve a very little chance (less than 0.05%) to loose really much (in the range of 4000-5000$ in a single night). 0.05 doesn't sound much, but when you play 500-1000 games a day, its pretty much. And for determining these values, Excel with some simple math is your best friend. It's where the real skill begins and not where it comes to understand the game's rules
  2. I'd suggest doing a quick search on google or the dictionary on the difference between "insult" and "facts". Telling someone incapable of reading or understanding a language that he/she lacks the skills in said language is no insult, it's a fact. Neither of us is living in the Orwellian 1984 world, where in "Newspeak" every negative sounding term is a "mildly" sounding one (for example bad => ungood or worst => doubleplus ungood). When someone lacks the competence in a specific area, you call them incompetent. There is no offense in this word, it's just a fact/statement. It's same as saying "incompetent", "lack of skill", "not good at", they all tell exactly the same thing. Like saying "sh*t" or "poo". Same thing, absolutely no difference. Also called synonyms. Straight and simple and direct. The prefixes "in-" and "un-" are commonly used to negate a word. If you are offended by direct approach, I may suggest you don't leave your house and don't go to the internet. Most people a direct and won't pussyfoot around the issue and just directly speak it out. Live with it.
  3. Do I speak Chinese here? I said multiple times (go back, reread, thanks), it's not the sexual content but the amount of commission that makes it shady. You can buy adult/erotic books such as Fifty Shades of Gray on Amazon and it's not "shady" because it's about Sex and BDSM or some kinky taboos. Reread, understand, come back. No reputable business pays out >=30% commissions which doesn't offer a more than questionable product. No one going to stop you, it doesn't change a thing about the thing said above: That you can't make the amount of money (you stated in the first post a few pages ago) with just advertisements (which was your first statement, w/o any mention of affiliate - You only mentioned the affiliates after my post which pointed and proofed that you can't make money with ads alone unless you join these shady high-commission networks). Because the very moment you wrote that you make money with advertisement I knew you were not telling the truth, since it's not possible with the rates, the traffic related to SL and your blog to make this kind of figures. It's just that you can't accept that others know more than you and constantly keep proofing you wrong.
  4. Reading isn't your very strength (writing obviously neither). I dunno why i have to repeat myself. If you'd learn to read my posts, you'd probably read the paragraph of me mentioning that most MLM systems such as the one use (or even the ClickBank one I mentioned) aren't illegal per se (reads: violate the law), but they are morally more than questionable, for the reasons I mentioned (feel free to head back and reread the posts until you understand them). You're just repeating and confirming what I wrote before. Are you a parrot or what? That's exactly what I've been telling you and all others on the previous pages. Second Life related tops don't generate enough traffic to make money from it from legitimate advertisements or affiliate networks. To (once again) avoid misunderstandings of people like you who lack the English skills: legitimate is not the same as legal. So "not legitimate" do not means against the law, it reads as "shady" or "questionable". And 50% commissions are everything but legitimate. Only the business operating on the borderline to scam (like the mentioned Jamster/Jama in the early 00's with the ring phones) or shady affiliates like ClickBank, selling books of very questionable content and qualities no other publisher would ever get closely in touch with that stuff. Again: With 30k page views per months that be around 15-30$, maybe even 50$ with legitimating monetization options (ad networks such as DoubleClick, Google AdWords or affiliates such as Amazon, Zenox). No. Operating Casinos (in SL called "Skilled Gaming Sims" (See FAQ here) - there are plenty of these) is allowed, when the operator owns a real world license Only Residents who live in countries or states which allow gambling are allowed to enter this sims. Residents form countries or states which ban gambling can't enter these sims. This is different than Gacha which also has gambling elements but is not regulated, the operators don't have a license for it and there's no control of the machines by an real world agency or if its in comply with the countries laws. Second I don't operate one, I played in some of these sims a few years ago (not anymore, its not worth my time anymore - and the conditions that made it profitable with skill went away, now its more luck than skill). Very successfully, if I may note. Paying attention in math classes pays off, there's no need for shady business.
  5. No, you are not. You don't make L$, it's USD. Maybe you too need a dictionary? With your flawed logic everyone with a job is a Linden Millionaire. But if you want see a real millionaire, thanks to so called "skilled gaming sims" (also called Casinos). It's all math. It never left SL since then, just being traded back & forth on Lindex to make it more and spending : When ever I play a game or do something, I play/do it to the extreme. There is no "good enough". It's the best, or nothing. When playing MMOs, I don't play with the elite, I AM the elite. Always be the best at everything. In Eve Online I had so much that I could have gotten a middle-class car if cashed out lol So aggressive. Only people who know they participate in such schemes put it that aggressively. It's like the cheaters in MMOs. The ones who scream loudest against cheating are most likely the biggest one. No the only proof you did show is that my post was right and you can't make money with SL related topic or blog unless using some shady MLM with with hilariously high commissions. I knew it the moment you posted, because you may tell this non-sense to people who have no clue, that you can make money with advertisements. But this doesn't work for me. Advertisements are different than commissions. On advertisement you offer space for advertisement on your webpage, sim or whatever On commissions you sell products. And like I told you and listed examples of reputable affiliate networks, the commissions range between 2 and 10% at most. That's because most products are pretty well calculated and usually have a specific margin calculated into the price. No legitimate network can offer 50% commissions unless its one or another form of MLM. Since the goal of MLM is to sell trash products for premium prices and by saving money on advertisements and let the affiliates (sometimes called "consultant" so that it sounds more like real profession rather than some shady salesperson using cheap tricks into maximizing their profits) do the dirty work at no risk for themselves. I don't need to try, I did that years before you did. With the exception that I wasn't using morally questionable programs as the one mentioned above. And the way it sounds it, the time I did dive into the online advertising/affiliate network was when you were still wearing your diapers or spent time in kindergarden in the early to mid 00's. And back then I've seen what this affiliates with high commissions have to offer, such as ClickBank. It's just all shady software or books, you would never see and even less buy in real world and bull***** from ranging. "How to earn <random 5-digit number>$ per month" (as if the author would really share the secret if he'd knew and not use it himself rofl), from "Self-heal cancer" bull*****, exploiting the peoples misery to sell their worthless ***** and using other, money greedy bastards to write how great this crap on their blogs so their visitors (or rather victims) buy that crap so they can get their 50% commission. What I can tell you from experience of the real world is, you can't get rich honestly with a target base as small as Second Life and topics related to it. Like I said, honest commissions on let's say Amazon Affiliate program are 3-4% on most product categories, up to 8 in a few selected ones. That's on average on a 100$ product/sale 3-4$. But to make a living with it, you need real big traffic in the millions per month. SL and SL related tops won't reach that ever.
  6. Not to say you can't make money with affiliate products when using a legitimate affiliate program as the ones listed above, but you need a HIGH (in the order of magnitude of millions (plural) hits per month) and targeted traffic to make more than pocket money from it. I also feel sorry for you that you don't recognize that no one honest and legitimate would offer commissions in the range of 30%, since you obviously have no idea how prices are calculated in the real world. If you would, you'd know that commissions that high only means one thing: Products not worth their bucks, who would be to costly to advertise legally in the conventional channels (TV ads, impressions, print media) due to the low conversion rate, so they let some other people do it for hilarious commissions. Like I said, like Tupperware. No one would purchase Tupperware in real live for this overprice stuff in a retail shop. Instead they lure people with high margins, if they sell this crap to people they know and trust, effectively having them scam their friends, family, neighborhood and friends of their friends for a few bucks. While (most) MLM strictly is NOT illegal, it's still morally VERY questionable kind of marketing and in no way better than the kind of "Jamster" (that shady company selling overpriced SMS, ringtones and other scam-like stuff to trick youngsters (and people not reading the small print) into costly weekly subscriptions - even if these were not valid legally and could be revoked easy w/o any costs with help of a lawyer, they just aimed to profit on those who were reluctant into involving a lawyer or lodge an appeal).
  7. They are not, do some research. It's been like that for over 12-15 years. Advertisement is impressions (CPM), Clicks (CPC) or Video Ads (CPV). Don't try to turn around words in my mouth. It doesn't matter if it comes from inworld clicking a link or from Google, it's SL related topic, hence it's SL Traffic from people playing, knowing or interested in SL. And the number of these is quite limited to generate the traffic to make enough with ads alone. Everything that offers 25-80% commission is to be considered shady MLM. Legitimate Affiliates (such as Amazon, Zanox (now called Awin), eBay, and that other one whose name I forgot, it was similar in size and reputation to Zanox) do not give out such commissions. They are more in the range of 2-5%. On some special offers maybe 8 to 10%, but that's it. 25-80% commission is MLM, try to look for excuses as much as you want. It's the same type of shady (on the borderline to scam) scheme as the Tupperware crap is. MLM too. I did. You should do yours. Don't make me laugh girl. Told you, its shady MLM. Look at the rates yourself. A quick Google search tells me, a 1 month subscription to that one you linked is 20$. The comission is average to ~10.43$. That's 52%. Same for the 12 Month plan. 47$ commission on a 91.99$ annual plan, that's 51%! Same for 6 month plan, 38.36$ on a 59.99$ plan, that's 63.94%! That's as shady as it can go. As shady as this clickbank stuff with commissions of 40 to 80% on some useless crap books no one in real life would pay 10 bucks for. But thank's to proofing my claim. It's just what I said in my initial post and you just admitted it.
  8. Fixed that for you. No offense, but I highly doubt this. SL population isn't large enough to make ad revenues in the 100s $ with blogging, unless you heavily utilize some shady MLM stuff (such as ClickBank with hilariously - almost criminal suspecting - commissions of 50%+) on the blog. Had a dive into that, many years ago (not on an SL topic though) and I know the typical ad rates, with SL only traffic you never get in there. It's usually around 0.05$ and 0.50$ per 100 click (more depending on the terms and niche), with an average click rate of ~0.5% CTR that means for every 200 unique visitors you get 0.05-0.5$ or 0.25-2.5$ per 1000. So you'd need at least 40k visitors per month to just get 100$. That's around half or whole population (hard to estimate with 20 to 50k active logged in every day and calculate out the bots and alts). And for couple of 100 with ads, you'd need multiple of that number. With CPM impressions (not many do it these days) the payout rates aren't much higher neither, usually 0.5-1$ per 1000 impressions. Interstitial ads and float-overs pay more, but unless you have insanely high traffic that you could afford to piss of a couple of % of the visitors, this wouldn't do you any good in the long term. Add business is really an ungrateful one, unless you have million hits a day. Paid blog posts may bring you a bit more, but that's not that much to make 100s USD per month neither, not in context of SL. Though people don't receive well paid articles, which are only positive about the person, place or item and unsubjective, so in log term you lose it all. Like this pc games magazines are these days. When you see a 12 page article about a game, you know its paid to praise the buyers game. It's obvious that such articles aren't objective and piss more and more gamers on, ending in decline of the users. Its a good short term source of money but long term... you ruin your business
  9. Not only. Some customers prefer interaction and in most places there is an upfront fee of at least 500 L$ for text RP. So people who want it, IM you and when you're there and they paid you PR with them a bit. Usually you get more then the initial 500 L$. There are enough others who are just happy with having control over you w/o words and still pay 500 L$ per session or more. But for that, you need to be a top AFK model. On top of that, you don't have to actively to look for too much actively for customers. A group message here, a notecard there and if its running really well a rented board to advertise yourself. As AFK doll you do other things 95% of the time or sleep
  10. I have to insist on "girls", thanks. That's the essential thing you have to do. Only when you know your real costs (plus fixed costs to get an avatar to an AAA+ AFK top model), you know how much money you need to make and how to optimize it. When you have like in the example above almost 200 L$ costs EVERY DAY, then an afk doll with an average of 100 L$ is not very cost effective. You will just lose money (of course your L$ will grow, no question, but so will your electricity bill). This applies to the Sim operators, not to gals who leave their avatar online to get L$ for their shopping. AFK models don't make money with the traffic (and hence the advertisement on the parcel or anywhere else). So yes, electricity plays a role in it, especially in the early stage before you build up your recurring customers list. Because in the beginning you experiment and see what brings you the best return, so its important here not lower your running costs. Especially when running on a power hungry desktop computer with almost 200 L$ costs per day. Running it a month means 6000 L$ or 24$. If you don't invest anything you won't make anything. Simple as that. Like in the real world
  11. That's close on the border to botting though. But it's very cost effective, that's correct. And its not good for interacting with your visitors. Lying there can make you a good buck, but from time to time interacting with the people brings you more regulars, when they know you're not just a money farming bot. A full charge of a smartphone is around 8-9W per charging. So if you do that daily its 3285 Wh or 3.285 kWh per year. Also running SL client in a high populated area (which afk places are) will drain much of the smartphones resources, it will make it run pretty hot since SL (even without loading textures and models) has a pretty high amount of traffic. Your smartphone won't probably last much longer than 16 to 24 hours a day with the the radio hardware being used all the time, especially when not at home. But if you keep your device plugged in on the charger it draws more power since it keeps constantly charging it. Its just a few cents. Still compared to a top afk model, the cost of electricity is just a little percentage. So running it on the smartphone or your ultrabook doesn't make that much difference in the long run. As noted above, electricity will just give you a max difference of 50 L$ a day (unless you run that on the power-wasting desktop computer). And the more tips you make, the less the electricity costs fall into the equation.
  12. Calculate it yourself. With the current Lindex exchange rates you get a RoI of ~8.5% annually at 8000$ 30-day Lindex limit. Of course, that's nothing to what Linden Labs makes, who earn 70$ per daily limit transaction (~5 times as much). Still 8.5% annually, you will have VERY HARD times finding RoI that's as good in RL without investing in high-risk assets (such as shares into specific highly rated companies - people usually invest equity funds, where the money is distributed among many different shares to lower the risk, but the RoI of it is 4-5% at best and your money locked in it for years, hard to pull out quickly when you need it) Just cause you lack in math skills, doesn't mean everyone did sleep in the math classes. Same for the "skilled gaming". Play low, write down your scores, calculate the probabilities. Then choose the machine with the best probabilities and the sim with the highest direct bonuses. Probability depends on the scores, so you need enough data to calculate (or give a very good estimate on it). Even a slight change of score on these machines can have 2-4% RoI impact. But most skilled gaming sim operators these days know that too, that's why personal bonuses (like 2-3% payout on next day AND 8-10% replay bonus) are almost non-existing these days. It's all about math (specifically statistics and probabilities), nothing more. These days you only have these excessively high shared/collective jackpots, where a percentage of your money goes to the jackpot to lure the stupid addicted people w/ a lack of skill into the casinos... eh sorry "skilled gaming" sims. Making constant profits from skilled gaming doesn't work anymore since, so you can forget these. The scores of the machines are configured to haven an return rate of ~88-95% these days, so overtime you will always lose money, unless you get the jackpot, so the risk isn't worth it as the chance for the jackpots are hilariously low. The shared jackpots are only there to lure people. Even real world casinos have better return rate than that. One of the few operators running machines with a good RoI and high direct bonuses (Replay + cash bonuses + 15 min raffle that sum up to at least 9 to 12%) was banned and had his operator license revoked (people who play SL for a while may know who I was referring to) - hence also all of the gaming machines being forbidden by this operator - when trying to move out the money from his operator accounts to his personal account, so these sims aren't available anymore. That was back in 2014 or so. Not to say you can't make money anymore in these casino sims. It's just not as easy anymore and the risks is very high.
  13. I suggest doing some math first. First, 500 L$ is 2.01$ (when selling at current 248 L$ / $ rate) and 2nd your calculation is just plain wrong. Last time I meassured my OLD system with its inefficient 5 year old CPU it was at 110W per hour, with monitor enabled in idle mode (when not doing anything or just the typical desktop work. Without the monitor its around 90W at best. For SL this also applies, when the viewer is minimized the CPU and/or graphic card is barely used. Now with that numbers, 12 hours * 90W = 1080W. Or 2160 W for 24 hours. That's 1.08 and 2.16 kWh respectively at an average price of 27 cent (US prices or something around 29 Euro Cent (~35 US cent) in Europe per kWh. You come to 29.16 and 58.32 cent respectively for the US average or 0.38 to 0.75 for the EU market at 12 and 24 hours respectively However this can be pushed down further, by i.e. enabling the energy saving mode in your, which lets your CPU run in low voltage power-saving mode. That should bring that old system to maybe 65-70W. If you have an SSD inside w/o HDDs, that's another 4.5-6W less per (mechanical) HDD. Newer Desktops draw even less power, the Skylake/Kabylake/Coffee Lake generation of CPUs has a TDP (on gaming CPUs) of 95W (from 145W on the older models). If you have a laptop (preferably an ultrabook), its even less power consumption. Something along the lines of 40W with monitor turned off, with power-saving mode even as less as 30-ish W., that would mean 1/3 of the above costs. That being said, its 0,58 and 0.75 cent for 24 hour usage, that's 145-188 L$ costs per night when run on a desktop computer or around 48-62 L$ on a modern ultrabook. Only requirement for SL is to have a graphic card and plenty of memory (16 GB is good enough for 3 or even 4 instance of SL at low settings minimized). Add two alts to it and you are at 1500 L$ per night vs. 48-62 L$ electricity costs. Don't forget, 500 L$ per day means 15k L$ per month, that's 60$. More than enough to pay tier within SL and go on "phat shopping tour" with all of your alts I doubt you will, but feel free to try it anyways. Not to speak that you have to attend (and then SL draws significantly more power when not minimized). I don't think any of the people running one or more AFK does it to cash it out. It's either a proof of concept, covering in-world bills such as land tier and shopping or as a way to equip their alts with the best stuff possible. Like I said, for me it's just gaming around the system for the sake of getting the max out of it (with the least possible effort) I did the same when skilled gaming was new, made tons of L$ (in some cases so much that I could have quit my RL job). What's not spent, for tier and shopping its still there piling up, trading on Lindex with it back and forth. Not a shabby business. Gives better interest than putting the money on a bank (where you get like 0.1% interest at 2-3% inflation) or into an equity fund LOL.
  14. It was no insult. I was fully serious. When exploring other AFK sims to probe the competition there and see what's getting popular I came across one of the AFK girls called Fiona and since you said "earn my Second Life living as a traffic generating extra" it was safe to assume it's you The good thing with AFK dolls is, you get paid even when you're AFK. So I can post here and still make my $$$.
  15. Ah, so its your avatar in one of these cheap looking Motel AFK sims leaning on the pink car, with an empty tipjar? Only good for traffic, yep. I suppose they are a bit jealous about it or don't understand the needs which is why they make so little or have no success in this business. One of the biggest things you have to overcome when doing this is not to design your avatar with what you find pretty/sexy. I prefer my avatar petite, rather smaller cup size (C-cup-esque), but petite doesn't pay in most places and for most types. Adding certain curves and bigger breasts surely helps, even if that's not your personal "beauty ideal". Like I said earlier, it's about min/maxing in other MMOs. It's either finding the correct niche or hitting the sweet spot your customers taste. You forgot the spankers, i.e. "CODE-5 Real Spank" 4 of them each for Ass, Breasts, Face and *****. They are pretty popular among the high-tipping visitors of these places. That's another ~2000 L$ 500 L$ a night is pretty decent, not too shabby. Of course as a sim owner it will barely cover the land costs, but you probably have other sources of income for that. I also have a couple of things I'm working on to further improve the tips and how to fish out the best-tipping ones out of the big wide sea of AFK visitors and to reduce the number of the low-/non-tippers. For alts approx the same money needs to be spent on. I haven't cashed out any of my money yet and have no plans to do so. Some of it I spend on my alts, to get new fashion etc. Other just remains there and piles up. In future there will always be enough opportunities to spend money on. And of course it pays my villa's land tier
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