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  1. They are gambling, believe me. Skill in playing the games has a minor impact on it. Skills in math have a bigger one than that (but that applies to all gambling games in the real world). Did you ever played any of these games? The "Skilled Gaming" thing is just an excuse to be able to run it. Its proven by the fact that these games are "banned" from i.e. US states which also ban gambling. The "Skilled Gaming" thing is just a further nail down (not by law, but by Linden Labs) of gambling. And no they don't need a lawyers statement that it's not gambling, they need a lawyers (or notary) sta
  2. I'd suggest doing a quick search on google or the dictionary on the difference between "insult" and "facts". Telling someone incapable of reading or understanding a language that he/she lacks the skills in said language is no insult, it's a fact. Neither of us is living in the Orwellian 1984 world, where in "Newspeak" every negative sounding term is a "mildly" sounding one (for example bad => ungood or worst => doubleplus ungood). When someone lacks the competence in a specific area, you call them incompetent. There is no offense in this word, it's just a fact/statement. It's same a
  3. Do I speak Chinese here? I said multiple times (go back, reread, thanks), it's not the sexual content but the amount of commission that makes it shady. You can buy adult/erotic books such as Fifty Shades of Gray on Amazon and it's not "shady" because it's about Sex and BDSM or some kinky taboos. Reread, understand, come back. No reputable business pays out >=30% commissions which doesn't offer a more than questionable product. No one going to stop you, it doesn't change a thing about the thing said above: That you can't make the amount of money (you stated in the first post a few p
  4. Reading isn't your very strength (writing obviously neither). I dunno why i have to repeat myself. If you'd learn to read my posts, you'd probably read the paragraph of me mentioning that most MLM systems such as the one use (or even the ClickBank one I mentioned) aren't illegal per se (reads: violate the law), but they are morally more than questionable, for the reasons I mentioned (feel free to head back and reread the posts until you understand them). You're just repeating and confirming what I wrote before. Are you a parrot or what? That's exactly what I've been telling you
  5. No, you are not. You don't make L$, it's USD. Maybe you too need a dictionary? With your flawed logic everyone with a job is a Linden Millionaire. But if you want see a real millionaire, thanks to so called "skilled gaming sims" (also called Casinos). It's all math. It never left SL since then, just being traded back & forth on Lindex to make it more and spending : When ever I play a game or do something, I play/do it to the extreme. There is no "good enough". It's the best, or nothing. When playing MMOs, I don't play with the elite, I AM the elite. Always be the best at e
  6. Not to say you can't make money with affiliate products when using a legitimate affiliate program as the ones listed above, but you need a HIGH (in the order of magnitude of millions (plural) hits per month) and targeted traffic to make more than pocket money from it. I also feel sorry for you that you don't recognize that no one honest and legitimate would offer commissions in the range of 30%, since you obviously have no idea how prices are calculated in the real world. If you would, you'd know that commissions that high only means one thing: Products not worth their bucks, who would be
  7. They are not, do some research. It's been like that for over 12-15 years. Advertisement is impressions (CPM), Clicks (CPC) or Video Ads (CPV). Don't try to turn around words in my mouth. It doesn't matter if it comes from inworld clicking a link or from Google, it's SL related topic, hence it's SL Traffic from people playing, knowing or interested in SL. And the number of these is quite limited to generate the traffic to make enough with ads alone. Everything that offers 25-80% commission is to be considered shady MLM. Legitimate Affiliates (such as Amazon, Zanox (now called
  8. Fixed that for you. No offense, but I highly doubt this. SL population isn't large enough to make ad revenues in the 100s $ with blogging, unless you heavily utilize some shady MLM stuff (such as ClickBank with hilariously - almost criminal suspecting - commissions of 50%+) on the blog. Had a dive into that, many years ago (not on an SL topic though) and I know the typical ad rates, with SL only traffic you never get in there. It's usually around 0.05$ and 0.50$ per 100 click (more depending on the terms and niche), with an average click rate of ~0.5% CTR that means for every 200
  9. Not only. Some customers prefer interaction and in most places there is an upfront fee of at least 500 L$ for text RP. So people who want it, IM you and when you're there and they paid you PR with them a bit. Usually you get more then the initial 500 L$. There are enough others who are just happy with having control over you w/o words and still pay 500 L$ per session or more. But for that, you need to be a top AFK model. On top of that, you don't have to actively to look for too much actively for customers. A group message here, a notecard there and if its running really well a rented bo
  10. I have to insist on "girls", thanks. That's the essential thing you have to do. Only when you know your real costs (plus fixed costs to get an avatar to an AAA+ AFK top model), you know how much money you need to make and how to optimize it. When you have like in the example above almost 200 L$ costs EVERY DAY, then an afk doll with an average of 100 L$ is not very cost effective. You will just lose money (of course your L$ will grow, no question, but so will your electricity bill). This applies to the Sim operators, not to gals who leave their avatar online to get L$ for the
  11. That's close on the border to botting though. But it's very cost effective, that's correct. And its not good for interacting with your visitors. Lying there can make you a good buck, but from time to time interacting with the people brings you more regulars, when they know you're not just a money farming bot. A full charge of a smartphone is around 8-9W per charging. So if you do that daily its 3285 Wh or 3.285 kWh per year. Also running SL client in a high populated area (which afk places are) will drain much of the smartphones resources, it will make it run pretty hot since
  12. Calculate it yourself. With the current Lindex exchange rates you get a RoI of ~8.5% annually at 8000$ 30-day Lindex limit. Of course, that's nothing to what Linden Labs makes, who earn 70$ per daily limit transaction (~5 times as much). Still 8.5% annually, you will have VERY HARD times finding RoI that's as good in RL without investing in high-risk assets (such as shares into specific highly rated companies - people usually invest equity funds, where the money is distributed among many different shares to lower the risk, but the RoI of it is 4-5% at best and your money locked in it for year
  13. I suggest doing some math first. First, 500 L$ is 2.01$ (when selling at current 248 L$ / $ rate) and 2nd your calculation is just plain wrong. Last time I meassured my OLD system with its inefficient 5 year old CPU it was at 110W per hour, with monitor enabled in idle mode (when not doing anything or just the typical desktop work. Without the monitor its around 90W at best. For SL this also applies, when the viewer is minimized the CPU and/or graphic card is barely used. Now with that numbers, 12 hours * 90W = 1080W. Or 2160 W for 24 hours. That's 1.08 and 2.16 kWh res
  14. It was no insult. I was fully serious. When exploring other AFK sims to probe the competition there and see what's getting popular I came across one of the AFK girls called Fiona and since you said "earn my Second Life living as a traffic generating extra" it was safe to assume it's you The good thing with AFK dolls is, you get paid even when you're AFK. So I can post here and still make my $$$.
  15. Ah, so its your avatar in one of these cheap looking Motel AFK sims leaning on the pink car, with an empty tipjar? Only good for traffic, yep. I suppose they are a bit jealous about it or don't understand the needs which is why they make so little or have no success in this business. One of the biggest things you have to overcome when doing this is not to design your avatar with what you find pretty/sexy. I prefer my avatar petite, rather smaller cup size (C-cup-esque), but petite doesn't pay in most places and for most types. Adding certain curves and bigger breasts surel
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