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  1. Hell, yeah!!!! *dies of laughing* wait, stop, explain! which event has now those gifties????
  2. awww... well now it got complicated again *hihihii*! Im gonna have to wear 2 outfits a day...
  3. Thank you @Parhelion Palou. @Rhonda Huntress, @Scylla Rhiadra , @Akasha Sternberg and @LittleMe Jewell for your insights, makes more sense now a wee bit, time has a way of molding stuff to everyones needs... well more or less... Im not a very super active photographer, but i get it as this: post here mostly stuff wel composed with credits if possible, post there the daily wear the eazy way ( snap and post ) - and to me it does seems logic why that one got more active, since for that approach is takes less time to post and cuz, lets face it, many of us are lazy about post processing *giggles*
  4. dokitten


    In your shape editor, in the TORSO tab, there is a slider called "Neck Thikness"
  5. dokitten


    wow, @Orwar got it! But super nice outlining it @Skell Dagger, your post is definitely a good read & reference to remember while shape-making... 😍
  6. i mostly hang around with the CalWL windlight, is best in my opinion for seing avis, skintones match, seams are usually non-existant. Environment is pretty color-realistic too, maybe tad lighter then a <perfectly neutral wl>. But it also has no shadows... if you want that, then this one wont work, but is stil my favourite.
  7. dokitten


    this is just a personal opinion dear, but i think the lenght in there is just fine, it just has to be wider... maybe shouders a bit wider also, but that changes alot with the pose you pick... i dont belive there is a standard. it is just a matter of aesthethics of each person. i think if anyone would try to implement a standard, lots of peeps would go burst in flames about "individuality" 😅
  8. also, if you are trying to rezz high up in the sky... above 4096 meters... if any part of the building/wall/furniture goes above that limit, it will just be returned back to you almost in an instant.
  9. I might have a silly question, but i hope you''l forgive it of me since i'm stil tad noob around the forum *blushes and hides under her desk* Which is the diffrence between this thread and the https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/405992-how-does-your-avatar-look-today thread ?
  10. regardless of UVs, i think is just designers choice.. Any UV a bodymight have, is stil up for the designerto make 2 diffrent models / patterns / designs for each arm... Maybe if they see your post here @Resi Pfeffer some get inspired to do some. It might be a bit of extra work... even on a 2048px textures the standard UV is stil preeety small space to work on, unless you go all vector, then space in px is irrelevant... p.s. only now i realised that what @Mollymews was showing meant mirrored arms *faceslap* and sshe is right and that leaves less room for creators' freedom you could achieve difrent tattoos on diffrent arms even on bodies that dont support it natively, by applying one tatto on the tatt0o layer ( with the design of 1 arm ) and a diffrent tatoo for the other arm. IF there is not much overlaying, and the tattoos are , or one of them, more <solid aka less fading tints> you MIGHT even get away with very few alpha glitches that way... IF! and MAYBE..
  11. ♥ I will definitely try @Rhonda Huntress, i'm a littel lazy... ^.^ Thank you ♥!
  12. hai! 1st time i post in this topic but thoughi'd give it a try... felt a little bit "retro" these days:
  13. @Syn Anatine you are the one you picked on my personal pet peeve, which was my personal opinion, whether you agree with it or not. I sure everyone is expert in everything these days, but with your experince in the field you can absolutely throw around names like "pity tips", it doesn't make it valid or true, just like i could say a flower species is called "such-a-smartass-anatine", but it doenst mean that species actualy exist. And yes, i have been to real strip clubs too, and they differ greatly from SL, you knew that? Both my heart and my business goals are very much in the right place. You probably are not. I`m sorry i gave you the hook to turn Wayne's topic into a bitching area. Look how nice everyone else responded. Opinions were asked, not debates on ones opinion. You have the honor Syn of becoming my 1st ignored user. Yay!
  14. Well @Syn Anatine you are totally entitled to your opinion, and even entitled to play devil's advocate... even if according to your inworld profile you seem to not be part of this adult entertainment world at all. You got me wrong for the most part, i am totally NOT against picking a lady of preference and spoil her more than the others. I was just saying that there are more elegant ways of doing that then tip just one but expect to still be entertained by the whole lot of beauties. Taking her in a more private place, tipping her more for what you get inside your IM... Each girl has regulars and friends that come to see her only, it is a fact and cannot be a pet peeve, is normal in any world. But what i was going for was a way to explain how a "whole club adult experience" can get even better. And if you do know the right/good way to milk men dry, feel free to share it, LOL! @Wayne Langer, thank you for understanding my point, was a pleasure to reply, is just my opinion and i`m glad you get more point of views here, i`m also curious on how people see this. And you are right, you shouldn't be tipping dancing pixels, it's an entertainer's job to interact with you, try to make you react and make you fell welcomed in a club. I would never suggest rewarding a person that ignores you. @Fionalein It is very true most start into this job because of the needof lindens, no reason to hide that fact. However, they don`t seem to last very long if they are not "into it" and do not like the stripping and teasing and the naughty side or feel ashamed about the status we often get. ♥
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