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  1. Thank you Karen but its the best we have in my country. Yours, Rez
  2. Hi, I am living in a country that I have to use VPN Proxy to connect SL. I use a Kerio connection to do this. My problem is Disconnecting from SL every 10 minuets, and I have to wait for 20 or 30 minuets for next connection. it happens frequently. I have this problem just with SL. I changed my firewall and antivirus, even I disable both of them, but no difference. Please help me to fix it. Thanks
  3. Thank you for answering. I have to use VPN proxy to connect to this site and software. Maybe it causes a problem, doesn't it? I don't know how can it affected on my connection. Can u help me? Thx
  4. Hi I get "Waiting for region handshake" all the time. I changed my firewall in win 8 but it doesn't work.
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