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  1. Forgot to add the times I am usually on SL. I'm usually on in SL time from 10 pm, perhaps a bit later, though, depending on when the family in RL go to bed, and 1 or 2 am, possibly until 3 or later, depending.
  2. Hello Sirs and Masters, I am a 24 year old masochistic female sub looking for an experienced male Dom or Master, preferably with some sadistic tendencies) willing and patient enough to help me explore both the BDSM world and the desires deep in myself. I'm still fairly new to SL, and may need some help in that area as well, but I am very eager to learn. Needs: Dom/Master I can rely on to guide me, Dom/Master willing to call me a "good girl," his "pet," his "little one" when I'm good and punish me when I'm bad, Dom/Master proficient in the English language, Dom/Master to collar me and control me, Dom/Master willing to talk and get to know eachother's wants, needs, and limits before engaging in a relationship, Dom/Master to bring me to my knees and make me submit Kinks: spanking, nipple torture, bondage, discipline, toys, flogging, some pain play, being tied up, being held down and forced to submit, being ordered around, pleasing my Dom/Master, kneeling at my Dom/Master's feet, being made vulnerable Hard limits: age play, scat, blood play, mutilation, scarification (only ones I know for sure so far) Very eager to learn and explore and I'm willing to give most anything at least a try or two. Submission is very precious to me, knowing I'm able to please my Dom/Master by obeying him is, for me, the greatest pleasure. May need some help financially as in RL I have various health issues that prevent me spending much money. With the greatest respect, this humble and eager sub, Shan24
  3. Okay, I've tried everything I can think of to get my avatar out of the ground, but so far, nothing works as a permanent fix. I tried editing the Hover option in body shape, but as soon as I save it and close out of it, my avatar goes right back into the ground. Why won't it stay above ground? I've also tried the trick going into the Develop menu and correcting it that way, but nothing's working. Someone please help!
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