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  1. Don't be honest. Let 'em guess. I have zero respect for those that feel it necessary to broadcast that they're really men in their profile. It takes away from the whole experience if you ask me. If you're going to be on a female avatar, be the best female you can be and we all have more fun. Those dumbasses who ask for verification over Skype or voice right away have their own issues and probably should be avoided.
  2. I... I think I have a new role model. You're, like, so totally awesome. Absolutely no sarcasm intended.
  3. I used to be into autos but as I get older I appreciate revolvers more. A good .357 will offer decent penetration and accuracy for repeat shots and you know it'll fire when you need to pull the trigger at 3 AM when you're half-asleep and the bad guy's already in the house. Plus you can load them with snake shot for rattlesnakes when a 12 GA is just overkill. For SL? Hell, man, best defense against a griefer is to walk away. Log off and make a sandwich or something. Priorities.
  4. I'm going to disagree about tip #2, default height. If you are a male avatar, you need to be taller than most of the females you plan to dance with. And yes, many of them are seven feet tall. I see a lot of those statements in profiles "I'm not short, I'm realistic size!". Yeah, well, that's like moving to a country where everyone is eight and nine feet tall and expecting everyone else to accommodate you because you didn't eat your vegetables as a kid. The downsizing trend might eventually catch on but you can expect the men to follow last because of those circumstances.
  5. Allow me to translate: This person is asking if there are any groups in Second Life where you can view other people in the process of masturbation, or, perhaps someplace in which you can cam yourself doing so for monetary compensation in the form of Linden dollars. A little known secret; on most newer computers there is a small camera in the front of the tower, and every time you view a pornographic video on the internet, this camera also films you masturbating and sends it to one of the NSA's data collection centers for future review. Probably
  6. I had a lot of fun with a mixer that had a voice changer on it mostly because I like to **** with people. That one was an Edirol M100fx but I don't think you can find those anymore. Your best bet might be something like a Boss VE-20. The real problem with voice changing in real time is that, if you're male you will still hear your own voice. It's best to make a recording and listen to it and adjusting parameters until it's close enough. I don't think it'll ever be perfect, though, so you'll hope your intended targets aren't too picky. Alternately, there are some good tutorials on YouTube that might help. Depends on how serious you are. Luck.
  7. Men bring the money, women bring the sex. What's so difficult?
  8. Females look better on the poles. Srsly, I'm not sure why this comes as a surprise to you. Out in the real World the men pay for sex in a variety of ways and the women dole it out as needed. Then they get married and the man goes out and cheats because he's stupid like that. In second life it's interesting though. As a male escort I would suspect the majority of your clients would be gay guys or gay guys pretending to be women with the very, VERY rare woman just wanting attention without having to deal with all the relationship BS. If you're cool with that you might get along fine. In this game tho the women are definitely at a disadvantage because actual men are kind of scarce. Next one I pick up for a date I'll ask her if she wants to pay me. We'll see how that goes.
  9. I just looked at that one. Free is always cool but I have to say, that looks painful.
  10. With utmost respect to Jazleen, I'm going to advise against being entirely truthful. It's SL after all. You can be who you want to be. Be yourself! Those guys that will demand voice and/or cam right away to verify if the other avatar is really female are not worth knowing anyway. The rest of us will understand, having not joined the Internet yesterday.
  11. I think it's a good question. In all the time I've been in SL (years) I've only needed to wear mine twice (strip poker) and had pixel sex one time. One extremely shallow, ridiculous, cartoony time. I see absolutely no need to have anything more than the freebie one. And honestly, who cares about looks? I can imagine the type of man who gets himself all fluffed up and ready to go, looks at his partner's girly bits and says "Oh, no, that's a freebie! I refuse to have sex with that." C'mon.
  12. Isn't every maledom situation usually CMnf? I'm sure there are many but I've been hanging out at Open Collar. There seems to be a steady bit of socializing going on there and if you're patient and selective you should find someone worth spending time with.
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