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  1. Rush sale of my land. Only L$ 9999 for 4096 sqm adult land ! Need to sell quick due end of tier month. 1406 prims http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lastenham/96/32 Thank you all RINO
  2. Selling my parcel, it is on AULEN, Adult rated, 1536 sqm 527 prims for only L$6500 (4.2/sqm) with still 490 traffic. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aulen/53/170/70
  3. I agree with you, old ways are not better, I LOVE the new bento AV and how it all looks more realistic now. Even I have started to make now pictures of my AV I just feel bad about so many sims gone and SL having half of the people online. And about RP, in fact I did just open my place for it, after having seen that all my old places gone
  4. Yes about 8 years ago, really there were youtube videos and bloggers about the latest AV shapes? Ok, well, have sure not looked for them, so there could have been sure, but not like that.
  5. Question: should I really now buy a head skin? I have bought CATWA Daniel head, but I see everyone (well, girls) buying then after a skin. Are the added face skins really better quality than the one that comes with the the current head I have? Why don't they sell like 'blank' heads for less?
  6. Totally agree with Asadora. All new users are THESIMS kind of players. Years ago there was no such fuzz about fashion blogging, pictures. It was all about RP, because, well AV were looking kind of really bad. New users, younger players, don't understand RP, they just use SL as a chat and take to pictures to put in blogs I have also returned since one month after few years and all my RP sim are gone or empty.
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