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  1. 52 minutes ago, JaneS Crystal said:
    Olá, Trynal! Tu podes visualizar o teu histórico de compras e tentar localizar os nomes dos itens que deletou acidentalmente do teu inventário.
    Faça login no site  https://secondlife.com 
    No lado esquerdo da página, clique em Compras e depois em Histórico de compras. Vai para essa página: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/orders
    Ou faça login direto no Marketplace https://marketplace.secondlife.com/
    No menu superior, clique em Meu Marketplace. Á esquerda, selecione Histórico de pedidos. 
    Localizados os dados dos itens, cole em um notecard e envie para o vendedor explicando o que aconteceu e solicite redeliver, o reenvio do item.

    Desculpe, isso é viagem. Produtos NO COPY não são passíveis de re-entrega! Pior, se o criador ver que vc está fazendo revenda no MKT. Pior ainda, vc falando que jogou fora sem querer. Perda de tempo.

  2. 8 hours ago, Qie Niangao said:

    Eu acho que algo assim pode acontecer, mas eu esperaria mais nos 512 metros quadrados. nível. Há um monte de casas antigas Linden que tamanho para encher agora.

    This would limit the use of the land ... commerce would be forbidden ... there already loses attraction, to have a Linden house ... that is, for some, like me ...

  3. 8 hours ago, Fionalein said:

    O Laboratório anunciou recentemente que eles consideram níveis diferentes de Premium, vamos primeiro ver o que eles trarão. Talvez o que você está sugerindo já esteja no planejamento.

    Yes ... but while the son is not born, I wanted to bring this special discussion ... ;-)

  4. What do you think there is an intermediate account modality, not Premium, which allows the purchase of land in Mainlands by anyone (previously qualified) and only that with nothing but benefits, such as 300 lindens a week, premium sandbox, absolutely no another benefit. Exclusive rights only to get right to buy 1024sqm land in Mailand. Would that be consistent?
    Note: I did not elaborate on the qualification for such an account.

    Thanks for the opinions.

  5. 8 minutes ago, Elvina Ewing said:

    Nem tudo está bem no reino do SL ...

    Ok girls ... I'm Brazilian (calm, do not hate me so fast), I do not speak English, I know very little and I depend on translator. But I confess that SL helped me improve what little I know.
    To put fire on this placement above, I imagine if that mass of Brazilians came back they would fire the SL again ... :-)
    However today a few are great professionals and owners of big brands ... but they are lacking those intermediate staff, the crazy customers ... Today we are in the two ends, the creators, and the fishermen (hunters of money), but a Brazilian today is not consumer as before. Even our costs due to the appreciation of the dollar is terrible, different from the European VAT where the quality of life is very different ... Today our costs here in Brazil are more than double of 2008/2010 ... The marketplace pulled out one of the world's stores as well, helping to empty it.
    Ok, sorry for the feeling of nostalgia ... I enjoyed the times when everyone appeared in the searches ... where in any corner there was a camp ... islands and crowded islands ... events and more events ... good times !
    I also think we can, and should, discuss using softer words.
    Long and prosperous life for all who have been resisting time.
    Of course, sorry for my English.

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  6. I accept your disagreement to some extent. My opinion is formed from my experience as a small shopkeeper. For several and several times I have kept a shop in the world, precisely because I am one of those who like to buy from shopkeepers who have it too, or at least DEMOS, in the end, are active in SL. But ALL of my experiences were frustrating ... my last I made a sale in 3 months! This does not pay the rent, not to mention that my visits were to play a traffic generator, that is, another expense. It will depend on what is sold to be necessary and especially profitable, having shop in the world. "Happy customer" is very relative ... simply having a store can make someone happy ... selling only sometimes and not covering the rent can make someone happy ... I believe that happiness is a profit ... Already "appear in the search "for my experience of a few years served for very little, especially looking for land, nothing more ... I take the name of the owner of the store in the marketplace and open the profile in SL, and ready ...

    In time ... I already tried to rent space twice in their lands ... I thought they lacked organization, standardization ... I asked to put my own construction and I received a "no" ... again I wanted to rent in Brown and I received another "no" ... all the same thinking that your work system was not pleasant for me ... However both are alive ... :-)

    I'll probably look for stalls ... leave a vendor and dropboxes ... just ... something of 5 lindens a week ... :-)

  7. 1 minute ago, ColeB126 said:

    Ok I need to make sure we are clear. The person you are describing is not the person who scammed me. The person who scammed me was ejected from my groups. 


    I appreciate your advice on what to do with the land. I tried selling it. It doesn't sell. The only offers I have gotten are from other land barons for .4 a sqm. I would rather abandon it then give them the satisfaction of buying it at that low of a price. The rentals I have up have been filling slowly but surely so I'll continue that.

    You can give me the names in SL, I will receive in my email. Do this if you wish. I also see some things wrong in their lands, I could advise you in the world. I'll be busy in RL in a day or two, but I'll do what I can. Make yourself comfortable, but do not put names here in public.
    On your land, you could lower the price gradually to try the sales ... if you reach the limit of 1L to 1m², then you choose, abandon or continue to lower the price, but do not give to landlords ... your loss will change little...

  8. On 29/05/2018 at 5:08 PM, ColeB126 said:

    Your right.  But i just cant believe a builder would do that.  Take 300k from some one and then not double and triple check that 1.  i was happy with the product.  I never saw the final build or anything for that matter and 2. to confirm that its being delivered to the right place. I mean even if what you say is true, builders can just build their homes and the people buying them don't get to approve it or anything?  I can't imagine that other customers of hers is ok with this. 

    That's all right!
    I already hired professional scripter (duly researched in the market), payment was 50% in advance and 50% when the script finished and properly tested and approved by me!
    Every step he did in the script, he sent me a script object inside, NO COPY, NO MODY, NO TRANS ... so I could always do the script evaluation! In the same way this builder should have done, sending you DEMOS, during the process and before the finalization. This is honesty and respect with the client. And why not cite that this procedure values the builder's own work.

  9. Friend ... (ironic an hour how to treat as friend, but let me follow ...) ...
    It makes me curious how you invested so much money being a novice in SL, but okay, it already happened, and they took advantage of you, which unfortunately is common in SL, so all care in relationships is always little.
    This "partner" with 14 years of SL, is in the same branch of activity that offered him ... yet he stands in time with his own lands ... are ugly and remind me 10 years ago. He seems to me to conform to his profile, to be from Canada, and already has a certain age ... to believe, or not?
    Continuing ... You have partners, officers in excess! Block ALL of them urgently, before your damage is greater! You do not dominate SL, so you are at constant risk, do not accept officers or members in your groups other than your ALTS!
    If I were you, I would suspend all business! It would place your land for sale in sizes of 1024m² to try to get some money, before LL invents another promotion and lower the value, or the advantages for the Premiuns!

    Take a deep breath ... learn more about SL ... to only go into business ... that is ... if you have not already lost all your desire to log in ...
    This is my quick opinion after having gone searching the world for what I got. I apologize for any mistake in writing because I do not speak English.

  10. ColeB126, I saw in the world that you have a friend or partner with more than 10 years of SL (and that seems to have some business similar to yours O.o) ... soon, if that's the case, you took a hit. You two months ago set up your rental business? Did you get the idea so fast, or did you get the idea of "friend"? Still uses a BOT ... I could not stay in a place that I did not receive an invasion warning ...

  11. 24 minutes ago, iamyourneighbour said:

    Only if they PayPal'd then there would be real name. From what I read that wasn't the case.

    Wish I had the Nigerian prince power to find loaded and trusting customers like OP lol

    Good advice already been given to ColeB126 here in the forum, but his criticisms after each advice ... unnecessary ...
    Now ... would you like to be a scammer too ??? Joke with the pain of others ...

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  12. Well ... what's the problem of your partner logging in to the world, and supposedly "solving" this problem? 300K make any dead get up from the pit!
    However, I'm sorry for your loss ... it was a pretty expensive apprenticeship ...
    The builder must have gone to Russia to watch the Cup!

    With your money ...

  13. If your business is small, no rental in the world will be worth it.
    99.99% or more, will be based on Marketplace.
    And about the locality treated above ... some great businessmen of SL, with time become accustomed to earn easy money and leave everything to luck, until the end ...
    The history of HIppo Technologies is the greatest example of this, however, these things happen because LL also makes money!

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