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  1. Hey man!
    I have a script that started bugs a few months after I used it.
    I rested the project, since the script contracted to create it, was very arrogant and still gave me a product not according to the agreed.
    I needed to tinker with the script, even though I did not know LSL, but I did little. It worked, but in an update of SL it started to bug.
    My question is if you can fix this script, and add another function.
    I wanted to budget for each separate service, the repair, and then the added function.
    * My English is a translator, with little notions.
    Thank you.

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  2. To register our transaction, you will pay at this Rental Meter!
    You will receive the group immediately!
    Then the owner of the land will transfer the rent to you, granting you then all the powers for full administration of your site.

    I've been working with this landlady for years!
    I trust and recommend it!
    Do not worry!

    Snap 2018-08-16 at 11.51.05.png


    6 minutes ago, Alyona Su said:

    Você sabe que quando derreia alguma coisa - está derretendo apenas para você, certo? O que significa que cada pessoa deve derender as coisas - até mesmo seus alts.

    //Apenas dizendo'

    It is information that may be relevant to those who want to use a residence at sea level. Therefore, the person, his partner, etc. can do it.
    For Skyboxes, this is insignificant.
    For shopkeepers, their customers will not live in the store ?
    Thank you.

  4. 17 minutes ago, ChinRey said:

    I suppose I have to add a disclaimer:

    I am not in any way associated with Cain Maven, I haven't even met him. But I do see that particular house a lot on the pirate grids where they are frantically copying whatever is trendy in Second Life and don't bother paying for anything so I suppose the style is popular in SL too.

    My own houses are in very different styles from this and intended for very different market niches.

    I edited above.
    I did not join Cain Maven to you ChinRey. Error in translation.
    I understood your post well. Ty.

  5. 11 hours ago, ChinRey said:

    I don't suppose I'm the kind of person you really want answer from since I build houses myself and also run a community but...

    1) Type of house: Cain Maven's Siena III

    I do not know how with so many years of SL I did not know the constructions of Cain Maven, although the prices are many light years of my life! I will visit you.
    Already ChinRey I have a little house that I bought in the world and also I have lived in your community for a few days. ;-)

  6. I was testing in the world, since my ALT has version 5.65, and it is running yes. The rental boxes and the central server, which should be one for each SIM, if this information matters to you.
    Due to the language I think you meant that where you rent, they are using Hippo still, right? Sorry for some mistake. 

    I also discovered that it was finally removed from the Marketplace!
    Wow, if Casper falls ???


    Snap 2018-07-15 at 14.22.55.png

  7. Hippo and his stuffs were only in the market xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx! One of those I saw in the same SIM that I was, Brown, the creator of Hippo, Andy Enfield (the avatar is the same until today). Many say he sold the system and after that the fall came, but how does all the money go into his account?
    Now ... I never imagined the possibility of Casper collapsing ... however as I only see in MKT, at least 6 days I have filed ... this would be a world tragedy! lol
    Zadig ... please spend your money, I'm your customer, I have a Skybox of yours ... please spend your money and throw Hippo's baggage at sea ... ;-)

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