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  1. hello ingame name darkwolve kira i'm finding this restriction law due to state laws on gambling is bs one i live in florida which your restriction laws blocks me from entering a gambling sim due to this issue i don't think this is right for one. in my mind i can just get in my car an go to vages an gamble in r/l an not have a issue an come back winning or lossing the law would not stop me from that.. secondlife is gambling all togather as a game.. you put money on to the system to buy clothing / renting land / etc an or has access with paypal connected to your acount if you own a buisness to earn money.. how is gambling a restricted law to block someone with in the game to enter a sim if your earning it else where ??? i know i'm putting my foot in my mouth an all for saying this but if it's a restricted law you mite as well ban people that live in these states that restrict playing secondlife all togather if it's a restricted law to get on a sim with a gambling system.
  2. i'm trying to get a free home but when i go to the page it show's up white i'm using google chrome for a browser how do i get a free home if this happens??? i also tryed firefox but that still comes up as a white page
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