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  1. hi my tier date is 24th of the month my land is rented as land and skyboxes/platforms 80 % occupied i hope that you can offer them places if not i will refund them so long as sale is prior to 22nd
  2. full private region for sale . 15000 prims At momment rented with land and skybox tennants . 80% occupied tier is due on the 24th of each month . price is $500 USD i will pay for transfer if you wish for empty sim i will refund all my tennants if sale is prior to 22nd
  3. hi kristaki i am interested in taking 1 region if still available .. IM inworld i am on london time if you are paying transfer fes and renaming i am happy with that price yours jud acer
  4. hello ,im an interested ..are there tennants there ,as we will ,keep them subject to tour rental charges . we will pay in us $ you pay transfer fee as mentioned please send further details jud acer i am on london time so send an IM thanks
  5. hi im am interested how much you askiing i can pay US$ contact me jud Acer IM i am on london time have funds available
  6. is this still available if so i canpay in $US contact me IM london time zone ty
  7. hi i am interested in this land if still available contact me in world i am onlondon time happy to pay i US$
  8. I AM LOOKING TO BUY A FULL SIM we will honour siting tennants PLEASE CONTACT jud Acer or SiSpt Laville
  9. hi i am interested ..this will be a 1st time buy for me ..i know i will have to increse my membership fees to cover a full sim .. are there any other charges i should know of i saw a name chanage is charged at $100 US is there a maintainance fee for this sim ? please reply i am on every day london times ty
  10. hi i am new to this can you tell me the tier rate and do i also need to pay seperate tier re premium membership .if it is only 1 payment im sure we can negotiate a price in US$ please im jud Acer ty
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