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  1. There may not be a LL rule against giving things to someone full perm, but creators who buy full perm items to make their own items often have to agree to a "you may not transfer your items to another avatar full perm, not even an alt" condition. In that case, transferring items to an alt or partner to sell could create issues.
  2. I am not afraid of child avatars, nor do i hate them. I do find however find them extremely creepy. If you want to rp a child, by all means go for it and have fun. But children are not allowed in bars, sex clubs etc in RL so why should they be in SL? If I go to an Adult venue, I expect I will be interacting with other adults, not dealing with an adult rp'ing a brat who can't behave. Alts are easy to make, so why not make an adult alt to go to those venues where child avatars aren't welcome?
  3. Will this involve sexual activity, or are you just planning to hold hands and gaze deeply into each other's eyes?
  4. I would gladly help you out, but you'd have to pay me. No self-respecting provider of 'kinkimate encounters' works for free! You found the Forums. Congratulations! Your next mission is very simple, should you choose to accept it. Find Search > Places and look for places that offer what you are looking for.
  5. Prim babies are exactly what their name says they are: PRIM babies. Tables are prims too. You can have sex on a table all you want.
  6. Are you ok with owners of those clubs rating you as a dancer too?
  7. You might want to go into About Land > Options and make sure there is no checkmark next to "Avatars on other parcels can see and chat with avatars on this parcel". This will not prevent your nosy neighbour from camming in, but it will prevent him from seeing avatars on your parcel -- he will only be able to see furniture and such. Don't stress yourself out. If things are as you say, LL will investigate, find nothing, and drop it.
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