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  1. and this opens another can of worms then because this specific gacha is right now sitting on an M rated sim in an event I thought was G rated (as any age can attend) but I guess must be M rated. In any case I understand this is your opinion Fionalein as is MirandaBowers' and as is my own, and I truly appreciate the input from both sides as it gives me some insight but i am also hoping to hear from someone who can tell be for certain. Was my listing correctly flagged even though the precise item was not adult in any way shape or form - as were many of the items in this gacha save 2 (one explicit, one not) - and the photo (key) does not show the items in any adult context or explicit way - the gacha is also being sold and is sitting on a sim that is not adult .... so, I ask again, were the 2 items listed (besides the rare grenade) fairly flagged? ... should they be listed as adult?
  2. That was exactly what I thought, the fact there is one obviously sexually explicit item and an adult (bomb) ... but so should this then condemn the entire gacha? I get the rationalization and I agree with you as far as that this must be the reasoning ... however is it correct? Should I then go back to look at any gachas where one item in the lot may be adult even if the rest clearly is not? I am not trying to be difficult i really need to know and not just for my own store, but if I were so inclined to run amok and flag all the errors I see (like the more than not who just dump everything under "used items") should i then commit to flagging others in this manner? I mean I wouldn;t since I employ a modicum of logic to my actions ... but, you know what Im saying, right? ugh, sorry i am just upset - of all the incorrect flaggings Ive had for some reason, I've finally had it with this one. They also NEED to do something about allowing us to request categories with more ease. I could name a dozen right now that need to be added.
  3. I agree as I said, the grenade might be the exception ... but a lit ball? and 8 ball? I think the person got a little flag happy and it needs to be pointed out. I think that when a person, if found flagging inappropriately, should be told. I have listed all as adult btw ... I'm just curious as to the status of a toy ball and an 8 ball ... because if those are adult for any reason, there are a lot of listings I need to correct. Pool tables (all in the market place as a g rating unless they have adult poses), basket balls, baseballs ... you know, balls lol
  4. On my alt account I have a gacha resale shop and every so often there will be items flagged. Many times these are items Ive struggled to find a category for but none existed. Usually Im pretty good at narrowing it down and most times I accept the final judgement and just fix the listing ... however, this time I think the ruling was wrong, unfair and unjust. I wasnt flagged for categorizing wrong but for not listing an item as adult (sexually explicit). These were from a toss and throw gacha. You know, you toss the item from your hand in the air and it lands back in your hand to toss again. The items include a lit ball, an 8 ball and a grenade. I will concede that even though the grenade doesnt go boom, just the shell of it might need to be listed as adult because of its weapon status (even though weapons as a whole aren't listed as adult... so Im not sure about that) ... but a ball? How are these sexually explicit?! Please, if someone could clarify to me how these were correctly flagged, Id appreciate it. Also, there needs to be an open request form for categories that is easy to access from the marketplace. I know one exists, I found it once - but while I am adding items to the marketplace is when I find the need and if there were an easy access point from the merchant resource within each store, it would make it easier to request what is needed.
  5. I love this feature and it is funny just last week I was commenting on exactly this (wishing we could tag a favourite store) so thank you for adding this!
  6. Im having trouble with this. I have the full open G M A in my viewer already selected, However, in the MP I am set to General and no matter how many times ive tried to change this it reverts to G. It is fine if i try to open a link someone has given me, it will say "you are set to G but may choose to continue" and i do, so, no real complaint there. But I am missing out on viewing items when i want to run a search because it will only search in G rated perimeters ... its really annoying me. Thanks
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