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  1. All you have to do, is search it in marketplace.
  2. Hello! I'd be glad to help you, just hit me a message up and let me know what you think -Karbos
  3. Ello! My Names Ken, I Am Going To Open A Shop Very Soon Aswell, And I Saw This Post And Was Curious If You'd Like To Rent A Small Parcel With Me, And Split Rent 50/50. Please Contact Me Inworld, I'm Always On (; Thankyous :*♥
  4. Karbos


    I beg to differ! Mesh hair is better quality, textured and shapes. Flexi hair is quite annoying and can mess up once in a while, the textures are bad, and I think flexi hair should just be deleted. Myself, I do not wear/own ANY flexi hair, and NEVER plan on it. Unless the textureing and such, were 400x better than they all are now.. :matte-motes-smug:
  5. Luck Inc has been closed for almost 2 months now, its getting kind of annoying, I have been wanting to purchase the cute azz, and I cannot.. I feel this isn't right, and they should at least have a little skybox or something, with Phat Azz, Cute Azz and such, in it..so people can buy it, because by closing it down and redoing the sim, there loosing TONS of money.. I therfore do not agree with this.. :smileyfrustrated:
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