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  1. Ok, so now that it appears the new Events Calendar posting fees have already gone into effect...can anybody tell me where the heck the feature is that will let premium members schedule recurring events? I posted two events today trying to find it , with no success...and they are both weekly recurring events. Now i can only assume that i'll have to pay an additional fee to post each of them the next time since i couldn't find the recurring event feature anywhere. Anybody know where it's at? I'm kind of disappointed with this as the earlier blog post said these fees and the recurring event feature was to be rolled out for 2020...and now here it is...or part of it anyway...charging us...with now apparent way to schedule the events we've paid to post as recurring. Not Cool.
  2. I was able to successfully list a horse bundle for sale on the market place the other day but now i am having problems. I have done everything the same way, from getting the bundle into a magic box to synching the marketplace with my magic boxes but for some reason it is not working and the bundles do not show up as new items to be listed. Does anybody have an idea of what might be going wrong here? i'm completely at a loss for what to do, and any hel would be appreciated nikibluee resident
  3. Hello, I just paid my balance due for my premium account, but i'm still unable to access the account in world. How can we fix this problem?
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