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  1. hanging around with my wife. Seems like she dislikes it
  2. so here I'm. Guess I'm a bit underdressed
  3. Iridas


    Thanks for your help to all of you. I guess it's solved and I'm going with a tableau vivant at least for now
  4. Iridas


    hey. ty for the answers. At first my avi: I use the Catwa Daniel bento head. For the body I use Signature Gianni or Slink mesh. The price isn't important. I want that at any cost What it should be in the end Mhm.. Something between a human albino and a Vampire. If you may know the Albino skin for females AII did? This goes into the right direction. I guess Beautiful creepy describes it best. Sorry I totally forgot to tell you about my avatars parts
  5. Iridas


    Hey. Im Looking a Long time now for a Good... I man Rally Good Albino/oale Skin for My Avi. Till now i didnt find anything that looks better than crap. Some a just bad worked others have no details. Maybe any of you guys have an idea where I could find one?! I've seen a few months ago a really good Vampire one that nearly matched what I'm looking for but the shop seems to be vanished. I checked my teleport list and even tried to search it via world search but...nothing... Thanks for your help
  6. After a so Break over a Fee months My wife and i decided to Return. So here we are...
  7. Im totaly with you! the suport for men here is tbh absolute crap, i search hours through shops and the Marketplace to find something that matches my taste and has a good quallity be it a Skin or just clothes. keep on im sure you doing a greate job with your guide
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