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  1. Hiya. Feel free to shoot me a message under lokipaw resident. *grins* Always enjoy making new friends
  2. Now I have only been a pet/slave for a couple years now (SL not RL..figured I better clarify just in case) so I might be missing something but I am confused. My Master takes care of funding a home and any clothing/items that he deems necessary or wanted......so the idea of a slave taking financial care of a Mistress is a bit alien to me. Is it more common place for a slave to take care of the financial needs of the one they serve? Sure its a slave's job to take care of the more carnal needs as well as companionship, cleaning, being a foot stool, and anything else a Master would require but financially..................hmmm just seems odd. Not trying to start a fight just curious and wondering if i am not serving my Master properly.
  3. Hiya. Im always looking for folks to dance with and you can never have too many friends = ) Im almost always furry unless the sim doesnt allow it for some reason and I enjoying being someone's pet if we click just right. Shoot me an IM inworld to Steele griffith if this sounds interesting to you.
  4. Hiya to all who read this. First off I am having a hard time finding an rp that allows furry AVs .... so if anyone knows of any that would be great. Also I am wondering if there might be any new rps as I have a hard time getting into already formed ones. I enjoy mostly fantasy type rps especially if there is a slave twist in there somehow but will pretty much try out anything. Thanks for your time reading this.
  5. Hiya all who have taken the time to read this post. As would be expected Im looking to meet new people and make friends. Im a furry, a Pagan, and a wise cracking freak at times ;) So feel free to shoot me a message. Also would love to get in on the ground floor of some new enterprise....be it a club, business, sim, or whatever. So if you are looking for help feel free to send a message. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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