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  1. I bought Lelutka head and have the body TMP . When I use the skin of the head and body as there is an apparent split in the neck. The option to hide the division does not operate . The TMP body does not accept other heads? How to solve ?
  2. Bought the package of several skins by 2800 lindens and have not received the item. I have already sent a message to the seller, but do not know if it will solve. What do I do? I have not received the package I bought. I am very sad ... This night I dreamed of the skin, I love this skin! So far I have no answer. I hope I get my package soon, I'll be very happy! ^ ^ "
  3. Island owners have the right to know the number of our IP? Ie, it is almost an invasion of privacy, because not all owners islands are above suspicion. I have 2 accounts, and I feel uncomfortable with the possibility of some malicious act. The positive side is to identify some abuse on site, although many owners islands do not care about your stay. Unpleasant to have exposed our privacy, but for a good cause, but it bothers. Are rules of Linden?
  4. I'm being stalked and assaulted by a group of girls here in sl. They act on an island help, passing items and suspected links for beginners, in addition to using malicious huds like pumps and assaulting the avatars. Have alerted the owner of the island about this group, gave evidence enough, but he treated me badly and was rude to me, anyway, I need to defend myself here. Would you like a hud protection, a shield, but do not know which one to buy or how to use it. Someone help?
  5. I bought a package at the store Xcite with 3 items. I can not adjust the items on my avatar. Appear the explanations, I am Brazilian and complicated because I do not know English. How do I get help?
  6. The residente "Kasmiel soap.clawtooth", stole my profile pictures of sl and use in your profile. I do not want my image being used improperly, I'm desperate, please help me denouncing. This is his profile, and this is my photo! Please ja denounced, but the response delay. Help!
  7. O nome do residente é " Kasmiel soap.clawtooth " . Esse residente utiliza de forma indevida minhas fotos, que são duas! Por favor!! Denunciem!! Já o denunciei, caso saibam como fazer o tickect me ensinem por gentileza!!! HELP!!!!
  8. Quando tento abrir a página onde está meu perfil com foto, não abre, diz que está com problemas. O que fazer, isso é normal?
  9. Fiz a conta, avatar e só joguei 2 vezes. Quando tento abrir o visualizador, aparece o seguinte "iniciando VHS" e nunca entra. Alguém me ajuda?
  10. Estava abrindo normalmente, mas na outra semana ele travou, fica iniciando sem entrar, aparece iniciando VFS. Mostra a seguinte mensagem: "SL já está em funcionando. Verifique a sua barra de tarefas para obter uma cópia do programa minimizado. Se esta mensagem persistir, reinicie o computador". Nos outros jogos de mesmo porte entro sem problemas, já excluí e baixei novamente e nada. O que pode ser?
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