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  1. Thank you all for your advice! Unfortunately with an affiliate franchise it has to be their items, am working with the owner of the franchise to get some freebie gifts. Not sure if I can be part of a hunt; good idea I will check and see!! Any advice or ideas are greatly appreciated, learning alot right now.
  2. New business owner with questions about Lucky Chairs and Free Gifts: How do I find free nice gifts for my Lucky Chairs and my new store? I do know the gifts must be copy, modify and transfer I believe? I am not a designer and my store is a franchise affiliate. Looking to drive some traffic to my store. I keep seeing people who start group and are charging a small fee due to bots? What is this about? Also best way to advertise other than a group, would that be the classified listing? Been on second life for a while but a lot of this is new and I am trying to learn as much as possible, thanks in advance for helping me out!!
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