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    Yes I have enough lindens for the purchases, I've tried buying things that cost and buying free demos but still the same problem. The buy now disappears after I click on it and the page doesn't go to the next one like it should after you buy something. The buy now button turns white (disappears) after I click it and there is no other option to pay for things. https://gyazo.com/17299816ff584e69ac09493e6b59b1e1
  2. Skullsic


    I'm talking about the final buy now after you click on check out. I've been on SL for years I know the process of buying things on marketplace.
  3. Skullsic


    Yes I am logged in. I tried logging out and back in but that didn't work.
  4. Skullsic


    I can't buy anything from the marketplace anymore for some reason. It lets me put items in the cart and I can check out but when I click on buy now it disappears.
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