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  1. I went to a sandbox piece of land and rezzed a box onto it did my thing and decided to look around to see how large the land was (really large) and who owned it. I noticed that Governor Linden owned it but there are some scattered houses on it. Some of the land with houses on it are still owned by Governor Linden and other small pieces of the land are owned by residents. I'm just wondering how some of these residents were able to buy a piece of land there on the sandbox.
  2. I recently bought a windlight hud which is very cool. I want to start creating my own windlights but I want to be able to take them and put them on a notecard to put into my new hud. I have NO idea how to even go about doing that. Can someone help me out? Thanks!
  3. I see on the blogs section there are "pictures of the day" chosen by LL which when you click on the photographer's name it leads to flickr. I was just wondering if LL has a flickr page they use to view SL residents' photography that flickr users can follow?
  4. I bought an item on MP which clearly states one thing but is something else altogether. I first talked to the creator who refused any type of satisfaction and then resorted to writing a review. The creator took down the item to get rid of my warning to others then put the item back up for sale. Of course, I can't leave another review because it doesn't think I bought it. This is very underhanded and she is lying to potential buyers who will spend 2500L on the item. I think someone should do something about it but I don't know who to contact. Any advice on the matter will be appreciated.
  5. sajaST

    Rezzing Problems

    Why does it show a circle with a line through and a locked lock outside the circle when you try to rez something on fire storm?
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