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  1. I discount my inworld items as it's so much easier to just set it out and put a price on it. Listing on MP is much more work. I often spend so long doing images and typing and checking and doing it again, rewrite and so on. But so inworld I rez it, put a price on it and done. It's also nice when people come inworld. It's nice to see them so it's like a reward for that effort too. Nothing to do with MP fees.
  2. I didn't know it ever went to sleep. Customers IM me from time to time about the problem (as did Thallann). It's never happened to me, which is weird since I'm working on my plants all the time. I've seen it in people's gardens and friend told me he bought the plants like that, so I told him how to fix it. I'll try to keep track of how often I get asked how to fix it, but to me it doesn't seem like it was ever fixed. When Thallann IMed me I didn't think 'oh no this old problem has resurfaced', I just anxiously reponded, as I do from time to time.
  3. Glad you got it sorted @Thallann funny thing is it never happens to me. Here's an image of how to fix it.
  4. Anyway, it hasn't had an impact yet on the number of requests I get for redelivery of MP bought items. I'm still searching for orders and pressing the redelivery button, while informing my customers of this new feature.
  5. Continuing on the fun fact, I noticed almost as soon as I started making mesh plants that they alpha glitched way more than the old sculpted plants. It was almost a must to use alpha masking with mesh, whereas the old sculpted plants looked decent with just alpha blending.
  6. This makes sense. With exclusive work you only get paid once.
  7. I agree with this. It would be a lot more justifiable to tell the buyer she should have 'read carefully' rather than leaving the review because she may not have. As for taking it further, the negative review doesn't bother me.....unless it started happening more often 😟. thanks everyone for your views.
  8. I asked for an explanation and I graciously accept it. However, if any customer ever complains again that they lean towards the seller when removing reviews, then here is the proof that they don't.
  9. This is the outcome. Hello Reid, Per your request, here are the results of the review of your flag: There is plausible ambiguity in the description to be able to understand why the purchaser would feel like that they didn't get what they thought they purchased. This mostly stems from the phrase, "Very large planes with some slight curves and a high quality clean texture. The item is also supplied in a rough dirty form, which has its own appeal," in the description; it is not clearly stated to not be three-dimensional, and the word "planes" can be misunderstood as "pla
  10. Thanks Dakota, it would be good to know why. You know it isn't that it matters so much to me, just curious, because I do try to tell people what they are buying. If the review had said the texture is bad then that would be fair as I said it was high quality, but it complained about the mesh, which I felt I described perfectly, and she agreed with my description - but that is what she didn't like about it 😞 Here are the results of my support ticket. I hope I am allowed to post it here. I have an unfair product review, that I have already flagged. The review does
  11. Then I hope Dakota reviews her product review listing guidelines as it's misleading. Why have it if it isn't going to be followed 😞 I only just realised there is another long recent thread on this, so I'm not alone anyway. But maybe this thread could lead to a review of the guidelines, @Dakota?
  12. I have an item listed that I tried to make sure I described properly, but I got a one star review for exactly what was in the description. My item is described as 'very large planes with some slight curves and a high quality clean texture'. This isn't hidden in a long description. It's on the second line of a short description. I got a one star review from a customer who questioned it being mesh, and then went on to say the item is a transparent texture on a curved piece of mesh, and not 3D, and that the texture is not so bad. I thought this was a product review no-no. So, I flagge
  13. When customers tell me how to run my business I take it as a favour, because this person is taking the time to let me know. I read the original post as a tick box list (where it applied to me, like boxes - I don't like boxes either). I don't take it as an insult to me personally, because why should it be? Yes, it was a touch direct, but it wasn't personal (maybe to the seller of the clothes but I suppose we needed an example). So, I read it to see what I can get out of the message. So often, in RL and SL, businesses don't know what doesn't work for customers. How often do I say 'what are
  14. and the store will continue to have a very fine reputation because nobody is allowed to name and shame. I believe most of these big skin shops only sell inworld anyway, so the new redelivery system wouldn't work. Nobody can rate it, so it's a gamble. You rely on a 'very fine reputation', which comes from what? I would just continue sending messages, but I can understand how stressful it would be to just wait for that response.
  15. I can see now why LL sat on their hands on this request for so many years, and even told us once that customer activated re-delivery won't happen. It wasn't because the job was too complicated technically , but because they foresaw these issues. But every time the request was raised at meetings and here in the forum over many years, there was never any objection from merchants. It was always on that wish list, and LL was scolded many times for not giving us this very basic change to the system - not one person raised an objection to it. It was finally announced as coming soon, and LL
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