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  1. I found some land with an in-game search feature that I didn't know about. But I want to check out my ancestors ruins, so thanks for the location tip!
  2. There's actually a good search function, I just had to dig for it. I found some nice land with not many eyesores around... but I'm sure I'll change that
  3. 17 years = 884 weeks, X- 500L per week = 442,000L at todays conversion rates (which haven't changed much) that's $1,733.34 plus the $800 I made when they changed the taxes.. I blinked and somebody bought my land, tho I never put it up for sale.. (if I recall) but I got paid I somehow knew I'd get at least my money worth out of it, I was really excited about the software and potential. but I had no idea it'd be like this.. I should bought more accounts, though 1 was probably the limit honestly, I'm surprised the game never got more popular
  4. can't even click the bid button, can't change my account type (not that I'd be stupid enough to do that) I already found some land, but I'm sure y'all wanna get this fixed.
  5. wait, wait.. I'll still be the best account though right?!
  6. no! not my rights! no rights were removed, I still have everything.. I just can't access their new land auction, probably because my account type wasn't programmed in. I opened a ticket on the 12th..
  7. ha, thanks for that! I'm very grateful to still have these perks. I remember hearing I did need to log at some point, so I have been logging in every year.. there was an error message, it said only premium members could use the auction, because only premium members can own land.. when I went to change account (only out of curiosity, since id' never give this up) I couldn't even change it if I wanted to. I'm curious about these big messes? can you point me in a direction? I'm pretty overwhelmed with how big this is now, I mean... I was already big 10 year ago.. looks like there's a lot more private island now. finding a big chunk (4096) of mainland at a reasonable price is almost impossible. I think the auction error is just a coding oversight, how many of us charter members actually still log in and need land as well. my ticket has been open since the 12th.. I keep missing the live chat time, but I have a feeling that's gonna give me a "premium member" error also... I'd be a lot more upset if I Haden't got my money back 20 times over already
  8. The last 5 years my computer hasn't been good enough. I just bought a new one with my corona money. I have created a ticket.
  9. I have filed a ticked here. no land holdings anywhere.. it's just the auction issue, I'd like to participate since other options are trash. unless you know a guy/place? heh
  10. yeah, the allowed land holdings aren't the issue, those are there.. I never used them.. the problem is that only "premium members" can use the auction, because they're the only ones that can own land... and then there's me, hello LL!
  11. yep, it was a great investment.. bought a computer with profits from the tax changes/ land reset.. make about $100 a year from trading the 500L weekly.. Now I'm trying to buy land, but charter members have been looked over in the auction website coding.. at least that's what somebody else sugested
  12. yeah, I wouldn't change it... it won't let me anyway though. I'm guessing this is an error, as I am a rare case... How rare are we? I'd be surprised if none of us have tried to buy land in auction. Maybe I'm just the first one to say anything.. and yes, "charter membership" avalible in 2003 for a lil under $200... that 500l a week = about $100 a year. I feel like I'm wasting the free land that's a $22 value!
  13. my res date is May 21, 2003, where do I go to get worshiped? I assume this is like a Batman Beyond situation, so if somebody could direct me to my clown children that'd be great too! oh! and I can't buy land in auction... because I need to be a premium member to buy/own land... nu uh! I'm owed 4096 LL! did you assume we were all dead?! wait.. are we all dead?
  14. hi! I'm a charter member.. I paid $179 and I get 4096 land +500L a week.. shortly after and back when they switched from the old tax system, somebody bought my land for some crazy amount, I bought a computer with it.. I've been collecting 500L weekly since?... 2003? sorry, I know this post is super old.. I'm actually on here for the first time, trying to figure out why I can't buy land in auction
  15. hello kids! i say this because i have a very old beta membership, which comes with 4096 of land without fees. i only actually own a few small chunks of land, i thought somebody would like use my allocated land allowance. for a small fee of course
  16. Is that what happened to us? I don't know why I'd have to move over? I guess I'd pay more if I wanted more land. I also get 500L a week.. overall it's made me a few k or three over the years. $2.xx a week
  17. I have a lifetime membership, it comes with 4096 land stipend. I do not own any land, but if someone would like to rent my land allocation for L. Instead of paying $25 real dollars a month, spend L!
  18. I'm currently not using this and realized I should be renting out my grandfathered allocation. What forum section should I post this offer to? Is there any demand for it. I see it's $25 a month through LL, so..
  19. thanks! just need to find a group that does this...
  20. yeah, i get 4096 free a month.. so i was hopping to rent that out to somebody who rent/sells land
  21. I have a lifetime membership and don't use my land usage of 4096 sqm, can i sell this off for a monthly payment somehow? is this allowed?
  22. I have a lifetime membership and don't use my land usage of 4096 sqm, can i sell this off for a monthly payment somehow? is this allowed?
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