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  1. I do not think its the body it self, as the color of the body in the HUD dose not change, its honestly dose not seem to do anything Today it also happen to my horse AO... it just stop responding, cant make it do anything, going to see if tomorrow it will change and return to work or if i can get one that dose work some how In Firestrom Viewer you have restart in the object under content tab, in the edit/build area I am not sure, going to play around and see, but from what i can see it seem to slowly spread from one HUD to the other, but maybe i am just doing something wrong, il try to do it again with more order, and see if i can find a reason Also abut the non-script area, well it happen to me a few times in the same Sim that has no non-script area as much as i know, it also allow rez Today it happen in a SLM sim to my Horse AO, there is no non-Script area there I really cant figer it out, but honesty as no one else seem to have it, i am guessing its likely really something i am doing or i don't know
  2. Ya i did try that, did not seem to help sadly il not clear the cache again next time, seen someone say some where it needs to help
  3. Lately my HUD scripts seem to die out one after the other, i do not know if its also the other scripts, but i all ready lost a AO, and 2 Mesh Body HUDs (so i have no belly now in my martriya one ) I try any fix i was able to come up with, like detaching, and reattaching, restarting the scripts (using Firestorm viewer) dose not seem to help, they are just not responding, or if they are i cant seem to see it or use it, its a real pain and i do not know what to do, slowly it seem to effect more and more, and i do not know what is making it happen or how to fix it Fixes i try so far: Clearing Cash Restarting Scripts Reattaching Wearing the same HUD but a deffrent copy (worked once, but seem like it only some times work) Any help with be a belly saver Thanks
  4. Ya it worked, even that i wish so much for Vive conhtrollers support
  5. Thanks for exsplining not sure if i am sad or glad to get any reply from them abut it but i guess can just wait and hope for the best
  6. two things 1. seem we got an update on the request by Linden, even that i do not understand what they did dose any one else get it? what dose "Triaged" mean? second, seems there is a voting things on bugs, so i guess giving it a "like" for the bug may help to push LL to do it so maybe worth doing it: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-18228?page=com.googlecode.jira-suite-utilities:transitions-summary-tabpanel
  7. I want true SL VR too picky for less and SL dose not work for CV1 yet, not sure re-vive will work
  8. Not sure if i am using it right, but i did open a reqrest/suggestion on the Second Life Jira now: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-18228 Hope i did it right :cattongue: Ok working on a real model of HTC Vive now, hopfully il get how to do it right, going to spread them out for free, in a way i hope to show who wants support (and maybe later on be used when someone want to show there using it) so far my friend seem to be too busy to work on a support for VR in a viewer, so i guess that is off the table for now from my side , at least up to when they get more time
  9. If anyone like i made a free Cardboard for now: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Cardboard/8968623 Going to make also a model for the HTC Vive (but from mesh likely) for fun, and allow it to be used if your using it in RL for SL
  10. Well from what i can see they did not update much abut the Oculus Rift from 2014.. Not sure if they even updated that viewer from then, so maybe they just abanded it? :matte-motes-crying: If they did not i really hope they add support for the HTC Vive.. i mean from what i understand it uses OpenVR, that is basiclly allowing any VR device to use it, so if they support it, they will support all the devices that will come later on, as well as the Oculus Rift in one pack
  11. Just wondering what was your first RP exsprince in Second Life? Were was it? dose it exists today? do you roleplay there also today? Lets share a little i love to hear some story's ^^
  12. owww that dose not sound good well i do hope someone gets on it.. maybe il get lucky and get my friend to do it.. even that with there free time i don't think its really likely.. any way thanks for the info ^^
  13. thanks for the info good to know they keep working on it for the rift but I really like to know but the Vive, as I know someone who is getting one, but I know nobody that is getting a rift abut motion sickness was that detected at me? I don't think I said anything abut that
  14. O.. well no idea just remmber someone saying SDK someone API no idea what's what Is there a problem saying outher VW in here? I hope so too, may start sending free Vive to water in SL to ask for support Congrats on becoming a member
  15. Well from what I understand it depends on how they build it, the Rift has its drivers (sdk?) That only it can use, Vive use an openVR that any device use as well as the Rift As the VR support is not so new I think it is likely made with the Rift only Any way interesting stuff thanks PS I wish but I can't even buy for my self going to use a a friend's most likely Maybe I'll make them one in-world
  16. Sorry for not been clear on what the HTC Vive is, that it's a full VR headset But any way thanks for the info looks interesting
  17. Hi guys, not sure if these is the right place to suggest/ask these, but doing so any way :P If its the worng place please do tell me So dose anyone know? will Second Life support HTC Vive VR head set in some point? is there any plans for it? I know it needs to support the Oculus Rift but the only one i know that is getting one is getting the HTC Vive, and i want to know if il be able to use Second life while using it, if i get to leand it Thanks :D
  18. Ya, mean that light Too bad can't turn it off Thank you
  19. Hello every one :) I am not sure if i am asking these right, but i basicly want to make an image/video that will happen in complete darkness, and only have light from my local objects Is that even possible? i tryed but everything keeps been too lighted, and it just dose not make it look right... Thanks for any tip Red
  20. Is there maybe a way to add an a attachment in Second Life using LSL (as in add the object to outfit, not replace what is there as attachment dose) If so how? and if not, is there any palce to suggest these as an idea? Thanks Red
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